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  Posted: Jul 20, 2012 10:04 PM FEED
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I made this present for me, but decided to give it to two people I adore. Aromatherapie Atelier Private Reserve. // #mmerciencore #artisanalaromatherapy

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Posted: Oct 20, 2017 9:35 AM
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Missing Mama Mmerci’s #Melbourne backyard... #lavender & wild rosemary bushes, succulents, herbs and about oh, $7k worth of hydrangea blooms (street value, cause #flowers are drugs) 😂 📸 #pinterest
🌬 In my days as a beauty ed, I studied #breathingexercises for a story & had almost forgotten them until a few weeks ago when an energy expert told me he could tell when I spoke from ego vs when I spoke from my heart or true self. The giveaway? The subtle pitch of my voice & how deeply I inhaled. Here are some tools that help me center, breathe deep & reframe any situation. x Alli #mmerciencore #artisanalaromatherapy
Photographers @tofurier & @pruue of @studio.oooze treated us to a special styling x art workshop at #hermesliat today. Inspired by Dutch masters, they put together an INCREDIBLE tableaux & invited workshop guests to deconstruct their flawless #tablescape & create their own marvels (which #studioooze shot for them)! A good day with #hermesmaison
This is Us ✨ Bohemian. Come as you are. Metallics. Nude. Flowers in fresh water. Barefoot on the beach. Dancing shoes. Sun drenched. Sun kissed. Tropical heat. Reconnecting. Spontaneous laughter. Grounded. Off duty. Sparklers. Midnight swims. Digital detoxing. Old friends. Reckless abandonment. Jungalow. Brutalist. Creme baths. Cloud watching. Cocktails. So. Much. Love. One night only. Forever. #mmerciencoreescapes #bali 🌙🌵✨📸 by @sayherheffernan
Reliving the magic of what we got up to this summer. Had to have my black candles, crystals, succulents, essential oils for this #tablescape 🖤✨🖤#mmerciencoreescapes to #kilobali • Special thanks to the amazing eye of #weddingphotographer @sayherheffernan, the incredible @kilobali team, Kristin of @dreaminbaliweddings (maybe I’m your most exacting client 😂), @thehosttable & @shervianyt calligraphy
If you feel good, we feel good. Looking forward to hitting our studio again, we’ve got some dream #essentialoil blends up our sleeves ✨via @rxnl#mmerciencore #artisanalaromatherapy
We have three #aromatherapy roll-on perfumes. Everything is hand blended in very small batches to order. Maybe in a perfect world, there’d be more scents & more... *moreness* in general. But there’s definitely a lot of heart in each bottle. #mmerciencore #artisanalaromatherapy 🖤 via @seaofknit
Mi casa es su casa! Doing this: 👀👅🤤 at everything over at THROUGH THE WALLS, the new #Hermes home exhibition (541 Orchard Rd, Liat Towers). Open till 29 Oct, 2017. Everyone welcome #hermesmaison
THROUGH THE WALLS 🏠 #hermesmaison was inspired by the anarchitecture of American artist Gordon Matta-Clark (renowned for his work in cutting abandoned buildings in half). This world-first installation by #hermes gives us a glimpse at the many lives its truly sublime home objects, furniture, wallpaper, tableware, lighting & more live. The exhibition opens from 7 to 29 Oct, 2017 - only at #hermesliat at 541 Orchard Rd, Liat Towers. Absolutely everybody welcome ✨
New life goal: move to #Bali & get massages & cream baths every day. #mmerciencoreescapes
Have 🖤ed this enduring image for literally a decade now • #ryankorban #theselby #rockhound
Have a magical week ahead, guys x ✨
"This is not I. I had no body once - only what served my need to laugh and run
and stare at stars and tentatively dance
on the fringe of foam and wave and sand and sun.
Eyes loved, hands reached for me, but I was gone
on my own currents, quicksilver, thistledown." - I always remember #judithwright's 'Naked Girl & Mirror' when I stand on the shore • #australianpoets
Posted: Sep 24, 2017 5:12 AM
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Good Vibes Only ✨We handmade our own smudge sticks last month with rosemary from Mama Mmerci's garden in Melbourne, sage, dried lavender & fresh blooms from @yilianng #mmerciencore #artisanalaromatherapy cc @delilahcreative x