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  Posted: Jul 20, 2012 3:08 PM FEED
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I know some people here on instagram have said they are having issues with the link to sign my brother's obituary. Unfortunately, Instagram won't allow you to just click on the link. You MUST COPY AND PASTE IT into your browser. Once you do this it will take you directly to his obituary. My family wanted to give all of my brother's friends the opportunity to sign his obituary since we know not everyone could make it to his funeral. The funeral home will be closing this soon and once they do they will print out everything written for my brother and make it into a book and give it to our mother. My brother is and will be truly missed so much. We LOVE YOU SO MUCH RJ😇❤ Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. You will always be in my heart baby brother👫❤
I know not everyone could make it to my Brother's funeral but my family would like to give all my brother's friends the opportunity to sign my brother's obituary. He will always truly be loved and missed and my family would love if everyone could write something in his obituary for him. Once it's signed, the funeral home will print it out in a book and give it to our mother.
I just wanted to let everyone know that in honor of my brother, a Drive Safely memorial has been placed on the highway in Miami where he had his motorcycle accident which led to his passing. If anyone would like to pay their respects just copy and paste these coordinates in GOOGLE MAPS ONLY(it does NOT work in waze) and it will take you directly to the crash site :
N 25 58.4273 W 80 13.8302 ****IMPORTANT: you are NOT ALLOWED to decorate the memorial BUT you CAN put FLOWERS, if you'd like. I did decorate my brother's memorial and was warned if it happened again the memorial would be REMOVED. So Please just flowers.
This is Robert's sister and I just wanted to let everyone know that my family finally went and did what we were all dreading and got the plaque for where my brother is buried. The pictures in this post is what it will look like exactly, Including his picture. My family would like to Thank everyone who has gone to visit my brother and continues to visit him, we appreciate that he's gone but not forgotten.

If you're in the Orlando area and would like to visit my brother. He is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery at 400 Woodlawn Cemetery Rd, Gotha, FL 34734 in the Catholic section.
Posted: Feb 14, 2017 8:52 PM
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Viewing will be at Woodlawn Park and Funeral Home on Sunday, February 19th, from 2pm-8pm .

Mass will be at
St. Peter's Episcopal Church
700 Rinehart Rd,
Lake Mary, FL 32746 At 10am on Monday February 20th .

Funeral will be following Mass at around 11am Monday, February 20th,at Woodlawn Park and Funeral Home
Posted: Feb 13, 2017 11:37 AM
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I'm so broken without you, just waiting for you to come home, the house is so empty, all your things are here, everything smells like you, and I sit around just hoping it's all a bad dream and when I wake you are right next to me... not many people knew about us, about this whole year that we lived together, but everyone has reached out, everyone you ever meet misses you, adore you, everyone knows how special you are, so many people would give anything to have you back. I still can't believe it we woke up and you were so happy that morning, then I was rushing to the hospital. And I'm still home waiting for you to get here... so many of your friends have called, so many people love you, and I just needed to say to everyone Thankyou so much for reaching out, Thankyou for all of your prayers, Thankyou for being part of his life. I love you so much Polar Bear 🐻
#daughtergoals "My advisor here says schools need firearms for protection from bears"- #BetsyDevos #SecretaryofEducation 😑😑😑😑