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i've been testing out my hearing aids for a month and a half and already have enough thoughts/ideas/and doodles for the 2nd issue of #speechsoundszine !!
a lot of folks have been curious about this process and honestly it's too much to cram into sound bytes y'all so i'm going to funnel my thoughts and tears and excitement into this next issue!
sharing in lived experiences and storytelling with fellow hard of hearing folks continues to be the biggest transformative piece on my hearing access journey and I hope to collab with folks in this next issue!
#hoh #hardofhearing #hearingloss #hearingaids #speechsoundszine
Feeling so grateful to have spent my morning with these two learning about the process of becoming a foster parent with queer & trans youth from young people who are in/have been in foster care, foster parents, and providers 💗I'm still thinking deeply on what feels doable as far as fostering and being with intentional community who are thinking on these things as well is so vital and life giving.

Thanks for snapping this selfie John!
Nicoletta's Shakshuka is the stuff of dreams. But really, I took a nap after eating.
this photo wasn't for my mom but it's still cute, huh?
📷 @xicanamasfina
cory snapped this photo for my mom but I suppose y'all can also peep my cute ass smile.
traversing the Japanese Gardens with @xicanamasfina was the perfect heavy heart balm needed for today//besties playing hooky.
morning commute contemplations.
lived the 1980's sci-fi dream during my hearing aid frequency test today 🔊good news is that they are working perfectly and my hearing range is exactly where it needs to be to right now! \\not pictured are the waves of headaches, confusion, and exhaustion from processing so much new audio// #hearingloss #hardofhearing #hoh #speechsoundszine
Grateful for this river bend holding all my feels as I started and finished this epic final piece of The Broken Earth Trilogy this past wknd. N.K Jemisen wove so many beautiful and hard truths that I found myself sitting with the deep resonance of the many past, future, present lives we live. Of inherited trauma. Of the mountains we become. Of the the realities we face and roots we cultivate inspite of. Science fiction as an extension and exploration and world building response to lived experiences is so profound.
Highly recommend this trilogy and will be rereading soon!
HAMS. Jk I asked them to take this photo at three different points along the trail.
Thanks for snapping this @shaila.del.barrio !
wrapped up a 3 night qtpoc trek to the woods with this sweet lookout @ cape mearde 💗
linda's annual summer trek to pdx wouldn't be complete without watching a movie together at the laurelhurst 💖💖💖
O V E R W H E L M E D-- i am crying over the sound of my hand brushing against my sweater. i am crying over the sound of my hair brushing against my aid. i am crying over all the sounds in my everyday life i didn't know i was missing. i am crying because i didn't think this day would come. i am crying because of every person and every story that made getting my hearing aids possible. expect nothing but tears and deep feels from me today y'all and plz be patient as i adapt to all this new audio 💗
*you can't see it but both of my aids are in my ears in this photo*
thank you @rose_quartz_machete for coming with to today's appt and snapping this photo!

#hearingloss #hardofhearing #hoh #hearingaids #speechsoundszine
obvs i am the biggest sap & love wrking with young ppl & am constantly appreciative of the boundaries they model. i've been wrking this 2nd childcare job for 4.5 months & some of these young ones are just now warming up to me & getting to the handholding/hugs/comfort snuggle trust stage level is SO PRECIOUS 💗💗💗
deep lez playlist and this colander made for cute eclipse moments with cory & esther & buckley & buckleys mom at the park today 💗
one year later & we're still here eatin ice cream together 🍨#twiad
you don't have to come over--5 a.m not so sleepover meanderings 🙃