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Short on time tonight so just made a background in my #artjournal with some new #rubberstamps . Fun! #artjournaling

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When everything sucks, make something. don’t make important decisions. just hang in there. #art #makestufffeelbetter #hardday
What an awesome crystal Reiki part 2 class we had today! Wheeee! And during the grid portion, on person wrote the name of somehow she was experiencing strife with and wasn’t speaking to her. Before we even completed the grid, that person called! And then emailed! Wow. Immediate results!

Please join me in congratulating @narayanamontufar and @chigoddess1 in receiving their level 1 certification in Crystal Reiki!! #crystals #crystalreiki #reiki #energyhealing #reikisf #crystalhealing
My painting is the image for our festival! Honored. :-) I also teach and vend at the festival, as well as coordinate many of the aspects! Including vendors! Independent vendors of sacred wares sought for the festival! Nov 10-12. DM me for Vending details. See for the *free* workshops and events! Art, Music, Crafts and Food! #goddess #festival #freesf #sf #priestess
I made some stuff this weekend! A small pouch and a purse. :-) #crochet #makestuff
A really fun part of teaching Crystal Reiki is playing with the crystals!! Ok also shopping for them. And then the actual teaching. Alright, it's all awesome! Part 2 coming up September 30th. Parts 1 and 2 will repeat December or January, as October and November I'm up to my eye balls in preparing for our wonderful Goddess Harvest Festival at herchurch!! #crystals #reiki #crytsalreiki #reikimaster
I came out of the bathroom to see Magnus looking at me pitifully holding his dinner plate. I could practically hear him thinking, "I know you *think* Papi fed me but actually I'm a very, very hungry dog." #dogs #dogsaremagic #hesneverfull
I'm always thinking I should make cards instead of buying them, and that's especially true when giving to my dearest, because a store-bought card just doesn't cut it. Here's a custom card I made him for his big birthday today! And yes, I call him Papi. We're dog parents. #handmadewithlove #happybirthday
Just for today, I will not worry. -The Reiki Ideals, Usui Sensei #reiki #reikiideals #energyhealing
An #artjournal #gratitudelist the other day, after I discovered white ink works like a resist under ink markers. Fun! #gratitude
Ocular agate slice- birthday gift from my mom! She sort of set me free in a crystal store and this was there piece that was talking to me the loudest, so it came home! Thanks Mom! #agate #crystals