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Instagraming your food is like saying grace. You can't touch your food until its posted.

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Six years ago to today. Happy birthday Kreacher (ps his name was Pepe when we first got him lol)
Life is made of small moments like this
I did it!!!!! Thank you @jabz.vialinda for continuing to push me. I never thought I could lift, squat or punch as much as I can now. Now on to SILVER!! 🥊💃🏻
Does this cookie make me look engaged? 🤵🏼💍👰🏻
I hardly ever take photos or videos during concerts. Side note: @marenmorris was better than Sam Hunt
#tbt to Arianna's First Annual Ugly Sweater Bar Crawl aka Just last long enough to make it to Dakota
Cc: @kristan_ann14 @agreeablepig @kaitlynaz @sarrrrwilson
Happy birthday to the beautiful @shastarenai I hope you get to eat all of the red velvet cake that this world has to offer. Love you to the moon and back!!
Please don't let it be Monday tomorrow. . .
Things get a little weird around 4pm at work cc: @jen_lewis_623
Thank you @jabz.vialinda for continuing to push me further. This is the only workout that I've stuck with. Maybe it helps that I get to punch and kick things #jabzvialinda #workingformybronzegloves
I woke up this morning being 28 years old and with heartburn. Cheers to another year!
If someone wants to make this for my birthday that'd be great.