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Went twice to eat this fella's köfte in Istanbul earlier this week. On the menu, 6 or 9 meatballs with a silky chili paste on the side. They also have a bean salad but barely recommend it.
Peak plate from above at excellent, excellent Maaemo in Oslo yesterday. Norwegian yum forward cuisine that didn't complicate things once.
Beirut is trying to keep its history ever present - to keep it from repeating itself. There's something hopeful and beautiful about it, especially visiting here from America, a country refusing to admit that society is a work in progress. That people only deal with what they're forced to, and only remember what they can see traces of. America has such a unique way of moving on so quickly, that they seem to be going backwards. Beit Beirut is an incredible monument to the civil war in Lebanon, necessary because of conflicts since, but also for the world, whose hangovers seems to be getting worse and worse.
Batarekh. Dry cured fish roe with thyme and raw garlic.
Luxury in Lebanon is to never be more than 10 feet away from an ashtray.
Mezze Highway. Been wanting to visit Lebanon since I first ate at @hammamgroup's house when I was 14 (he also taught me the secret to great looking round kicks). Now I'm finally here to celebrate one of my dearest friends, @carolhaidar's wedding.
Perfect remedy to New York Times push notifications, a meal with family. Deceptively simple food, elegantly laid back service.
Stunning Venetian palace in the middle of Boston, filled with Dutch masters, art theft history, the Gilded Age and Anders Zorn.
For four years this devilishly handsome red faced man has been nothing but yours @erikaewers. Well done and happy anniversary. xx