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  Posted: Jul 19, 2012 6:08 PM FEED
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Check out our solar panels... keeping the pool warm for the cool summer nights!

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Today my only focus is keeping up with my little one. #BeachDaze | Photo: @sidney_joseph
This morning's agenda includes a dip in the pool and the beach. #SantaMonicaLiving || Photo: @perspicaciousg
Right on the edge of Santa Monica, I found my little slice of paradise. | Photo: @tesenagy
Dropped our bags off and headed straight to the beach because we've waited too long for this trip. | Photo: @andrey_froll
That's enough work for the day. Now it's time to de-stress by the pool. | Photo: @gradiences
Fall may be on its way, but we still had time for one more trip to Santa Monica. | Photo: @jponce1623
Leaving my heart on the West Coast. I'll be back next year. | Photo: @navidcharkhi
Just another reason why I keep coming back to the West Coast. 🌴 | Photo: @vvvelvet
All my summers should be this relaxing, too bad I can't stay here forever. #SummerTime | Photo: @anaterstage
Coasting through the day on another high-speed adventure. #SantaMonicaPier | Photo: @tasha_albinski
Some much-needed rest and relaxation found on the sunny West Coast. ☀️ | Photo: @amanda23
These stunning ocean views seem to follow me and I don't mind it one bit. | Photo: @juliapinkhead
Couldn't resist dipping my toes in and getting a taste of these cool waves. 🌊 | Photo: @_tingchen_
Days beginning with ocean views—I could get used to this. | Photo: @jeremy.ins
Posted: Aug 11, 2017 9:11 PM
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Nothing says "West Coast" like endless palms and sunshine. 🌴 | Photo: @silvia3012popa
Just taking a moment to appreciate the view before enjoying the thrills. | Photo: @amoushik
Soaking up enough sunshine to last the whole year round. ☀️ | Photo: @mayraestrella1
Worry-free days on the West Coast, now that's worth celebrating. 🥂 | Photo: @chadillac_89
Lounge by our outdoor heated pool or unwind in our Ocean view room while taking in the spectacular view of Santa Monica beach #sunsets #lighting #ecofriendly