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mkgaud 273w ago
So in honor of #throwbackthursday and the new #batman enjoy my #sister and me.

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mkgaud 3h ago
Things are getting spooky in the library. 📖🖤 What’s the scariest book you ever read?
mkgaud 1d ago
Is there a better season than fall? Trick question because we all know the answer is no. #fallyall 📖🖤
mkgaud 2d ago
What do you think is in there? 👻🍂 #fallyall
mkgaud 3d ago
A Friday the 13th in October is extra spooky! 👻🎃
mkgaud 4d ago
I’ve got all the 😍s for these antique books. So pretty!
mkgaud 5d ago
I’m all about the views lately! #readingwithaview 📖🖤
mkgaud 1w ago
I know I already posted my October pic on the first but I took another one because I love this planner and this month so much! #october
mkgaud 1w ago
There was a wedding today in that barn and I bet it was beautiful! It also made a nice spot for some peaceful reading! 📖 #readingwithaview
mkgaud 1w ago
These little tsum tsum characters are perfect for my favorite book. No Wendybirds allowed 🙅🏽 Seriously, if you haven’t read this book DO IT! If you have, how good is it?! #tigerlily
mkgaud 1w ago
Um, take 2 I guess? Also, looking at this while watching Blair Witch Project makes it seems kind of scary.
mkgaud 1w ago
Another day another birthday party! 🎉 October is the best month ever! I’m not getting much reading done though...
mkgaud 1w ago
Live every day like you’re Glenn Coco. 😘💕📖#ItsOctober3rd #MeanGirls
mkgaud 2w ago
Bye bye bounce house ☹️ We’ll see you again soon though! #readingwithaview
mkgaud 2w ago
It’s October! It’s October! The best month ever! 🎃🍂🖤👻
mkgaud 2w ago
It’s the 3rd annual Abram Octoberfest 🎃🍺🌭 🍿 How beautiful does this mantel look? @thekiers is Pinterest in real life.
mkgaud 2w ago
#NationalCoffeeDay should be a holiday where we don’t have to go to work and can stay home and get all our chores done while fueled by free coffee ☕️📖🖤
mkgaud 2w ago
Today’s #readingwithaview is a #tbt to a really beautiful place. Happy reading! 🖤📖
mkgaud 2w ago
This book sounds (and looks😍) amazing! I cannot wait to get into it! Also I’m obsessed with my rose gold desk accessories.
mkgaud 3w ago
Read any? What should I buy? 💸📖