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kyori 274w ago
Alone in the Park | Sometimes it's quite nice to enjoy the tranquility with nature.

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kyori 62w ago
Pikachu found near Silent Haven!!!
kyori 63w ago
Stellar | Minhee | | Edited by yours truly. Same as previous post

PS: I thought Instagram already able to post any picture format? But it seems can't handle the vertical height of this pic. Seems Instagram has reverted and we're back to using squaready again.
kyori 64w ago
Stellar | Minhee |
kyori 73w ago
Love is not about whose head on whose shoulder... but who is in whose heart.
kyori 85w ago
Reminisce | Rochor Center. Soon It's another place yet to become a memory of Singapore.
kyori 91w ago
A long journey ahead...
kyori 93w ago
It's 2016! Time to get out of our cage!
kyori 102w ago
The company of two.... Shhh, you're not supposed to see a 3rd.
kyori 105w ago
Wedding shoot in Taiwan, July 2015. Edited by yours truly. *Full image can be viewed in my Facebook page.