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  Posted: Jul 19, 2012 11:05 AM FEED
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It's a BOY so you know he'll be #teamHEAT!!

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I see you sis.. but don't worry. What's for you is for you & what's for me is for me #99problems #butyouaintone #wecanbothwin
Humble enough to know that I'm not "better" than everyone ... Wise enough to know that I'm different from the rest #secondtonone #knowledgeofself ( 📸: @biggerdreamsphotography )
My cat, Tango, moved with us from Georgia to Colorado. When we were in GA he never went outside. He was terrified. Here, in Colorado, where there are coyotes and bears in our neighborhood more often than the police - he begs to go outside. I think he believes he is a Mountain Lion 👀 #TangoTheCat #ilovemycat #catsofinstagram
Finally crawled out of my hermit crab shell to enjoy the last day before some random Colorado SNOW ❄️😩... I enjoyed myself last night (if you couldn't tell) but I really needed that chill time for other reasons. Feeling sick and still having to be the Mama Bear is overwhelming to say the least ... but running a business & the guilt that comes with taking time to take care of yourself is stressful.
Anyway, two good things happened today - the snow quickly melted 💃 and I've had an epiphany. I've been saying YES to everyone and NO to myself. Sooooo.. changes will be made soon, cuz this mama is on a MISSION!
Posted: Oct 4, 2017 4:18 PM
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Me and baby girl been under the weather ... and this Colorado weather makes it even worse. I'm over here daydreaming about visiting Cali again 😩 .. can't wait to go back!
My son inherited a love for golf from his Dad... these moments are priceless. (W/ @thebrokegolfer )
🎉 My #BIRTHDAY #0827 weekend is officially here!! And my girl @rosarozzay will be here tomorrow AM ahhhh!! Let the festivities begin! #IsIt32or23 #WhosCounting (#shoutout to @biggerdreamsphotography for my birthday #photoshoot! I loved every shot!)
Can you tell that Jovani is excited about his first day of school? Lol this kid is something else. #MyLilMan #FirstDayOfSchool #LoveThisKid #mamasboy💙
🌞The tans will fade, but the memories will last forever... #summer17 #denver
I hate not being able to talk to the hubby when I want to. Even though when he's here I'm sometimes like "when are you leaving?" 😂😩 Counting down the days... #MissingHim #hegetsonmynervesbutilovehim #MySoldier
I'm so mad at how blurry this pic is and how fat my face looks 😩... BUT I'm still hype that I got to see @treysongz & his puppy at the airport. #HeSmellSoGood #HubbyGonnaKillMe #ButThatsBae #TreyIsBae
#shoutout to teachers who actually love their jobs... Alyssa has her whole journey from now to high school to working at @nasa planned out thanks to her teacher. She's been so good to Alyssa and she loves her in return. Now my baby is off to confidently conquer middle school! #lastdayofschool #growinguptoofast #graduation
#latepost Met up with another #bossbabe @yesssadrianna this weekend in ATL! We've been internet-friends for years and have never had a chance to hang out until now. Shout out to the internet for always putting cool people in my path. If you're in ATL (or Chicago) & need some creative direction for your brand - holla at @wilderbydesign ...Thats #designerbae.