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Using that little glowing ice cube we got at Foundation in my mai tai tonight. Because why not, right? Also test driving our new glass... works fine! I'm thorough like that, you see ;)
Chicago was awesome and we'll definitely go back someday! I feel we barely scratched the surface as to what this city has to offer ❤ We also got to have a few drinks with awesome folks @erichauser @theretrognome ! Also to be repeated! :D
Can you tell we've been busy for the last few weeks (month?)? haha
tomorrow should be the day ;)
Did a nice job on my man's hair, if I can say so myself! If I ever quit design, I guess I could take on barbering ;)
When Critiki people meet! T'was an awesome night ❤👌
I'm supposed to be working but I rather create expensive needs for myself..urgh
has anyone ordered from Bombshell London before? Is it good quality? for the price, I would hope so! 😍🤑
Made myself a great salad for lunch!
sauteed shrimps with feta, yellow peppers, mushrooms on a bed of aragula with balsamic/dijon dressing. mmmm! 🥗🍤👌
woah! 7 years ago... my first of very few photoshoots!
Can't really say I looked comfortable, 🤣
mai tai with the Creole shrub and OFTD float... mmmm :D ❤
Stopped by Astor's while in NYC. Treated ourselves with a few "not available in Quebec" bottles! woot!
You can also guess where the mug and all the monkeys come from :P
Spam musubi, rum and coconut French toast, honey glazed turkey? THAT'S what I call brunch!
The Men in Gray Suits killed it last night while opening for Dick Dale!