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Sun dazed on the ranch with my MesaBear ✨☀️🌵😎 #VivaRanch #heelersofinstagram #heelersofig
Big thank you to our PAX family for sending our little man so much love! ✨👶🏼💖 We all love you guys too! 😘✨ Here’s to many more fun years together! ☺️✨📈📊 @oregrowninc @paxvapor @chrissyhadar @avivhadar
And now the baler comes through and does its magic ✨🚜🌱☀️ We are so proud of our first harvest of #VivaRanch hay ✨☀️🌱💖 Should get three cuttings a year moving forward ✨🙏🏼🌱🌱🌱
Raking up the hay on #VivaRanch ✨☀️🌱🙂
Gorgeous sunset in Cannon Beach tonight ✨☀️🌊💫
Coastal Jedi ✨☺️☀️🌊 Nothing like a few days at the beach with my wifey @chrissyhadar ✨💞 Doing some groundwork on our upcoming retail store in Cannon Beach, Oregrown ✨🌱🏄🏼🏄🏻‍♀️✨
Back pasture looking stellar ✨☀️💦🌱💞 #VivaRanch
And this is how the front and back pasture look after the first pass with the hayer ✨☀️🌾 Next up we let it dry and cure, and then we come through with a rake and bailer ✨🚜 #VivaRanch
Haying the pastures on #VivaRanch ✨☀️🌱🍃🌾
Obsessed with this new #Breitling ✨⏱ Gorgeous white face on this Super Avenger ❄️✨ Founded in 1884 @breitling
CK5, me and Chrissy last night 💞✨🐠💫 It was really special to get a tour of Chris's lighting rig yesterday before the show for @chrissyhadar and I ✨💫 Such a gracious, humble man (Yes, he blessed our baby boy 👶🏼). A beautiful band, and the best lighting setup in the industry ✨🐠🦎🚀 #phish #phishdicks @phish @phishfromtheroad ✨ And yes, he very much knows he is blowing everyone's minds with this new light rig ✨👽🚀 He clearly has no budget when it comes to his setup 😂 @briansteely artwork front and center ✨😎 Fulllllll circle.
Nyabear wishes all of her furry friends a happy #nationaldogday! ✨🐕🐩 #VivaRanch
Farm fresh eggs from #VivaRanch for our friends and family ✨🌾☀️🐣🐓
Photographers should be loving this wildfire/sunset/eclipse combination that's going down in Oregon ✨🌞🌝🔥 #AvivSky #VivaRanch
Great article in the @sourceweekly about @oregrowninc ✨🌱🥇🥇🥇Incredible work by my wife/rockstar/soon-to-be-supermom @chrissyhadar! 🤰🏼 ✨🎉🚀💖😍
BEND, Ore., August 16th, 2017 • In as little as four years, Oregrown — the cannabis dispensary turned lifestyle brand — has doubled its storefront, become its own Tumalo-based supplier and grown sizably in both community support and brand recognition. Its key to success? Unconditional belief in the staff.
"We think of ourselves as one big family — helping each and every one of our staff, professionally and personally....we value every member equally," says co-founder Aviv Hadar, who began the company in 2013 with Justin Crawn. "Oregrown prides itself on passion and talent — not necessarily college degrees."
Indeed, budtender Anna Stanton and assistant manager Aaron Pugh both rave about the inclusive culture, allowing for rapid career growth in a burgeoning industry. "If we have a creative idea, I 100 percent feel like I can share that idea with the owners," says Pugh.
"It's a very supportive culture," adds Stanton.
Being a supplier and distributer has its advantages, and Hadar says this vertical integration means Oregrown can be a longterm landing spot for people, "where entry level positions can turn into lifelong careers in the cannabis industry," he says. "Those that stick around enjoy being driven outside of their comfort zone and often surprise themselves with what they are capable of."
Stanton says she relishes working for a company that is, "all over the town we will live in. They're always sponsoring different events or supporting the community — art-wise and music-wise.... It's cool to see my boss really active in the community."
Chrissy Hadar, co-founder and Aviv's wife, says that's due to their push to destigmatize cannabis and reach out to parts of the community that might have negativity or fear toward their organization, to change their mindset.
(Continued in comments)... #inBend
Everyone in town is complaining about the increased traffic in town because of the Great Oregon Eclipse ✨🌝🌞 But I'm not seeing it 😂🤷🏽‍♂️✨ #VivaRanch #OregrownCampus