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Boulder comp this weekend!! Means gym closures but also a fun rainbow display 🌈
Autumn selfie from the hike to Groundhog Day. A cold night and a brisk morning- but the weather was perfect on February Buttress!
He’s thinking ‘why did I go climbing with this girl?’ Thanks for being a trooper @mtndude89 #rockselfie #leavenworth #tradisrad #tradhurts
I finally met Mallorie!!! We’ve been friends for years online and she’s a total bad ass. She popped up at the top of Tree Route and recognized me. Made my day.
Such pretty snow dusted mountains on the way to Leavenworth with @mtndude89
Such a delicious dinner and wonderful company.
Stuffed pumpkin and Brussel sprouts with a sweet chili glaze.
Reading Antigonick, dogs curled tightly beside me after an evening of sprinting around but never really running. How to turn structural concepts in to text that isn’t about the structure but is infused with the theory? Start with fears I guess.
First Amazon clothing swag. Good thing it’s really obvious what it’s for.
Well we found sun.... just not on any of the routes we were climbing. But still had a great day and met some nice folks (and ran in to folks we already knew) so I call it a win. Also, no snakes.
I leant my rack to the lovely @dearirenelang and Greta got nice and cozy with it too. Now I’m getting set to head to Tieton and @giles_topher is very very intrigued. I suspect Greta has something to do with it 💕
You guys, Zoo season 3 is streaming and Netflix didn’t immediately email me! Why!!!!!!!! 💕💕💕💕💕💕 #zooisthebest #zooistheworst
Bane of my existence but tonight still feels like a good night.