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  Posted: Jul 18, 2012 2:10 PM FEED
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For me riding Razors is all about linking up the different crux sections. Like pieces in a puzzle. A couple weeks ago @wildcatdan fit another piece in that puzzle || Sept 30 @calgary_cycle @santacruzbicycles #tbt #wejustwanttorideourbikes #razorsedge #kcountry #santacruznomad #itnevergetsold #varietyisnotthespiceoflife #nomadcc
Posted: Oct 16, 2017 2:33 AM
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It was rideable but it was not ideal. #rosenshatz leading the way along the traverse from PV to the ridge. It could use a couple more days of the chinook wind that nearly blew us off the slabs at the end || Oct 15 #wejustwanttorideourbikes
It's hard to get action shots because I don't want to stop riding once I've dropped in. So here's some sweet fall foliage || Oct 8 #wejustwanttorideourbikes #rideslowrideforever #closingweekend #smallbikeinthebikepark
This view from last weekend is still awesome after all these years and so is my fave bike ever 🤘4 summers for my @santacruzbicycles #nomadc and the only original parts are the frame, brakes and stem. It's been rad customizing it for maximum shred. People ask if I'm selling it soon and getting the new nomad but it feels like we just got started || Sept 30 @calgary_cycle @pushindustries @envecomposites @foxmtb @chromagbikes #wejustwanttorideourbikes #elevensix #shouldaboughtapush #nomadc #bikesleaningagainstthings #tbt
My first ride since getting back and what a ride. I forgot how significant the full loop is at Barrier. I've got a new appreciation for how rad our trails are. @wildcatdan showing me how it's done || Sept 30 #wejustwanttorideourbikes Yesterday's ride was made possible by @calgary_cycle Thanks for always hooking me up!
It's better than I had hoped. I didn't know anything about Finale Ligure except that it was a stop on the @world_enduro series tour when Richard @mtb_beds suggested I should come down here after my week in 🇨🇭. I didn't really know what kind of program they ran or who I'd be staying with and I am blown away. The food is amazing with #mtbbedsfinale , the town of Finale Ligure is picturesque beyond beyond and the riding is next level. It all sounds like hyperbole but it's for real. I blew a rim up and Lee (Leigh?), our mechanic while we stay here, converted Ben's old M70 @envecomposites to work on my bike. I mean come on!!! I just can't.... and to keep me riding they had a brand new @orangebikes Alpine 6 to rent me for a day...Come On!! Our guides and drivers at @rideonnoli are super cool and super fast while making it all look so effortless and keeping us on track (and yes they've shuttled the G.O.A.T @gregminnaar ) . Back on the Nomad now and looking forward to the next few days || Sept 13 #wejustwanttorideourbikes @mtb_beds @rideonnoli
Day 1 of Finale Ligure done and it was another banger. The trails here are different than 🇨🇭. Dustier, looser and faster. Took some risks today...and I am pretty sure I got away with a couple lines I couldn't do again if I tried! Which is the best feeling😎|| Sept 11 #wejustwanttorideourbikes #finaleligure @mtb_beds @rideonnoli
Final day in Switzerland 🇨🇭 as we exited out of the Zermatt valley down to Tasch. First it was some classic #swissflow and then we had some drifty good times on a over grown fire road. We had an awesome group and I am sad to part ways. On to Finale Ligure now! || Sept 9 #wejustwanttorideourbikes #ridebig #cloudraker #heavymetalcows @bigmtnglobal @saugyperformance_myriam
Yesterday was another day stacked with epic views and some of the best riding of the trip. Fast alpine trails and sometimes not trails had us all laughing with huge smiles || #wejustwanttorideourbikes #ridebig @bigmtnglobal @saugyperformance_myriam
Yesterday was another epic day. We stayed in the #hotelweisshorn at 2337 metres and rode some of the nicest alpine singletrack I have ever ridden. Finishing the day sitting up there with my friend talking about riding and life was surreal to say the least. The hotel was so out of this world it literally almost brought me to tears || Sept 6 #wejustwanttorideourbikes #ridebig #cloudraker @bigmtnglobal @saugyperformance_myriam
Yesterday was another tour off the top of another damn. I learned that Switzerland captures 95% of the run off in this area to use for irrigation etc and there are damns and aqueducts every where to move the water around. We travelled, shredded, and #shravelled our way down || Sept 5 #wejustwanttorideourbikes #ridebig @bigmtnglobal @saugyperformance_myriam
The Mont Blanc Massif in the background and a sweet little slab roll to start another 20km descent. We went from super #techgnar on granite to rooty flowy needle covered singletrack to sandy steep surfing and finished on crazy rock slab built switch backs with deathly exposure. At that point Myriam our guide asked that we "travel" not "shred"! || Sept 5 #wejustwanttorideourbikes @bigmtnglobal #ridebig #cloudraker
Day 1 cont. we crossed over the Col De Fenettre into the Aosta Valley in Italy and headed down for some delicious pizza after a huge ride || Sept 4 #wejustwanttorideourbikes #ridebig @bigmtnglobal #cloudraker
Day 1- Switzerland to Italy through the Col de Fennetre. 43 km, 1,500 m descent over 25 km. Lots of traveling with some amazing shredding at the beginning and the end. One of the most epic days I've ever had || Sept 4 #wejustwanttorideourbikes #bigmountainglobal @bigmtnglobal #cloudraker
Sick day today riding the road to clear the head. Pretty amazing views for an out and back road tour. Full on tomorrow into Italy|| Sept 3 #wejustwanttorideourbikesEU2017
Had some time in Montreal so went for some delicious smoked meat|| Aug 31 #schwartzs #montrealsmokedmeat
Posted: Aug 24, 2017 5:38 PM
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I swear I had an awesome time riding Cox Hill last weekend || 📷 @powphotog #wejustwanttorideourbikes #frownsarethenewsmiles
Some days Cox just feels like it's running smoother than others. Today was one of those days || @wildcatdan showing me the highlines #wejustwanttorideourbikes
I found this the other day. Abbot Pass maintenance crew Summer 91 #tbt