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Marcel Broodmares: A Retr0spective
Trying to change my ways - Meaner Green.
I think this is part of some kind of campaign.
Art, selfies and surveillance - want to go to this.
How to Find Gold - Saw this in the window at Daunt Books.
Album cover or black and white.
Chuffed to see @authorsoflondon in my local Starbucks -spread the word! Fighting urban exclusion = urgent!
creolita 116w ago
This weekend didn't go as I had planned but I managed to release some content in honour of the International Day for Afro-Caribbean & Afro-Latin Women! Worked on designing my logo & website with the fabulous @crazivity yesterday. Everything is in process. Pumped to hear @carllentz & @realjohngray @brianchouston today - needed that word!

creolita 120w ago
Seriously want read Creole Kitchen by Monique Bolosier- need to upskill my Caribbean cooking.

creolita 121w ago
China Town Manchester administered healing through Beef Satay and Jasmine Green.
Exploring the area on a work trip, not glamorous but homely!

creolita 122w ago
The original Globe Theatre stood here in SHOREDITCH. Opposite Amnesty!

creolita 122w ago
Know this logo. Spent the day at Amnesty International for a... tax conference. It may not be that sexy but getting it right provides the framework for a fully functioning society (education, health, public works). #work
creolita 124w ago
Legendary calypso promoter at The Tabernacle arts centre Notting Hill -
#makesBRITAINtick @chriswardlondon