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Amateur nail art

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Huang Yong Ping is the artist behind Theater of The World, one of the artworks for "Art and China after 1989" that was censored. The Guggenheim gave each of the three artists whose works got pulled the opportunity and space to respond. Ping shared his thoughts on the two sides of an Air France sick bag and I want to applaud him.
Art and China after 1989 at the Guggenheim. Or how I learned that there's a Prank category in art and I like it. (Not pictured.)
Art and China after 1989. An exhibition that left me delirious and excited. #guggenheim
Hanging out with contemporary Chinese art and my beloved friend from Berlin. Just like heaven! ❤️❤️
The Eastern Connection. This awesome lady is building new stadiums for the Soccer Worldcup in Russia. ❤️⚽️
Headed to CEW's Connected Consumer Conference. Before I'm ready for a day of insights, I'll need some ☕️☕️☕️#strategist #brands #trends
Never not loving aerial performances at the House of YES ❤️❤️❤️
Today, we discussed the end of civilization and much fun was had
Behold: This photo from 3 years ago marks the precise moment my photography skills peaked 😹
They write back! Got a letter from one of the representatives I keep "resistbotting" faxes to. This one is from NY Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez and is about the GOP attack on the Affordable Care Act. Text "Resist" to 50409 and air your grievances. You are being heard. #democracy
I <3 Startups! Just finished my Mentor Office Hours at Grand Central Tech Accelerator. Today was about beauty and about AI.
Tiny Beautiful Things marks my first time at The Public. What?
Democracy in Action: At 12:30pm I resist-botted this fax to NY Governor Cuomo and at 7:30pm he tweeted that tweet and I feel like I MADE HIM DO IT! #yougottaswipe #wehavethepower #textRESISTto50409
Waiting for Ta-Nehisi Coates introducing his new book, We Were Eight Years In Power. #thenewschool
It's the most beautiful morning in NYC! Reminded me of the plight and suffering a few thousand miles to the south and so I donated to the Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief ( and the Mexico Earthquake Relief Fund ( -- It made me feel like I did something that helps, maybe you can help too? (Options vetted by Lin-Manuel Miranda who I trust.)