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Hellllll yaaaaaa

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When my brother was super mean he told me he never wanted kids because he was afraid they'd look like me.... sorry bro 😂😂
My grandpa loved to watch the deer in his backyard, I came out on my grandparents patio to eat breakfast and these three little guys came out of no where, they sat there and starred at me for a bit...I think it was him saying hello this morning ❤️
One of my favorite pictures with my favorite guy 💔
It's definitely wedding season! Congrats to Nastassja and James!
Last day visiting gramps in the hospital, I had to force this smile but we are trying our best to keep his spirits high!
I can't believe my best friend is getting married!!! These girls are amazing #marisbippityboppitybachelorette
This. This was one of the best breakfasts I've ever had. People who know me know I love eggs Benedict but my god this was phenom. #smokedsalmon #tomatoes #redonion #capers
The two Minke whales, two seals, and the group of porpoises was totally worth the 800 dollar tickets. #whalewatching #hencethesarcasm #stillsawawhaletho #portlandME