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  Posted: Jul 17, 2012 7:13 PM FEED
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Going back to revisit my youth. The films may be new but the drive-in isn't.

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One more of this Mamiya MSX500 to get the day off to a good start!

What’re you going to create today?
Scratches and dents add character.
I like dents and scratches—every scar tells a story!
…like when my son was four years old and shooting his first roll of film using this camera to photograph the playground.
He had just taken a portrait of me and was trying to look for it on the back of the camera (like Dad’s big camera can do)…as he did this the stiff strap slipped off his shoulder and it dropped when he let go of it.
He was expecting me to get upset, but I didn’t—and he hasn’t dropped another camera since…but I ‘may’ have! Ha
So, yes, I could fix the dented lens, but I’m going to keep it around to remind me of this experience with my son.
What’s something you’ve held on to for the memories it cultivates?
Coffin Tanto by Josh Scott…(along with the rest of the photo from the previous two posts)
Small Santoku + Pocket Cleaver = two awesome knives by Josh Scott
(And my son's collection at the end of the series)
The kids were fascinated while watching this cicada climb out of its shell and how it's wings expanded after unrolling from its back.
(See last post)
The cicadas have been out in full force here in northern Indiana.
In fact the kids have been collecting their abandoned shells over the past week and now have close to a hundred!
And yesterday we witnessed one emerging from its shell—something I had never seen…very cool to watch!
Caught the eclipse today in St. Louis—experiencing over a minute of totality…it was amazing!
Had no intention of photographing the eclipse today, but caved at the last moment…and then scrambled to concoct this totality awesome professional eclipse shooting setup! Ha
Feel fortunate to have been able to see the eclipse today—it was totality awesome!
Looking back through photos from the last time I was in Greece—here's a cool spot to go swimming and cliff jumping!
Going back through photos from the last time I was in Greece with a new set of eyes.
Too late to take a Summer Friday?
Com'mon finish up that report and take the rest of the day off!
A cute little Orb Weaver to tuck you in tonight—sweet dreams!