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itsmadden 274w ago
its my "*yawn* just woke up" face. =]

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😂😂😂😂 Happy Friday the 13th!

Work hard, play hard!
And don't forget to go add all social media @itsMaddenBars

Me, mommy and Babygirl getting her pulmonary appt knocked out.. and she's been sleep the whole time lol
You ain't gotta like me.. but one thang fa sure. You gon respect me nigga! #LoyalGang #BOC #850sOwn #iMB #itsMaddenBars 👑
Babygirl is looking so cute!! Like her daddy of course. 😂😂😂😂 #850sOwn #iMB 👑 #itsDaddyBars
A 9 year old can find a drug dealer faster than the informants and police patrolling that same place.. #OnlyInTheHood #StayWoke
If this is true... Trump's father was a member of the KKK.. hmm.. that explains alot.. #LikeFatherLikeSon
Walmart is dead ass selling Jordan's now.. Go check it out yourself. Jordan just came all the way up off this deal.
Dear Derrick Elijah.. It's your 1st birthday! 🎂 You are growing so fast.. It was just like yesterday you were so small, now he's become such a big boy! May you always stay blessed my son.. because, in my heart, you'll always shine like one.🌞 I love you baby boy, and I always will.. ❤

#itsDaddyBars 👑
New song for yall.
Babygirl is getting bigger and getting better!! She's gon be ready to come home soon!! #itsDaddyBars 👑
Babygirl did a 180° 🔁 on 'em and now she's doing great! 3 Lbs 7 Oz.. that's over 1500 grams!!! Now that's putting on weight! 💪💪💪👏👏👏 Now that has been said... Go get the album "Promise You It's Worth It" on iTunes, Google, etc. KUZ BABYGIRL GOTS TA EAT!!!✌🚼🎵🚼🎶🚼🎵🚼🎤🚼