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7 years after my last lesson I've decided to start flying again 😂 Here's to crippling debt 😩
#studentpilot #gonnabebroke
Proof I actually wash my car 😂
Don't know how I managed without CarPlay 🤗
This tastes more like cider than beer 😒 but it's only $4 🙈
Beautiful drive out to Dingle, only skidded twice 🙈😂 #Ireland #dingle
Still in a sweat after this horrific ordeal 😂
Hibiscus macaron with hibiscus ice cream & syrup
Always treat myself with our IIHF orders, @deeswholefoods sausages are my fav 😍
Despite having a non-existent skyline, Dublin still manages to look well at night.
#dublin #ireland