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our newest family member, Brielle.
  • She's beautiful!!!!! TB?

  • @bethanybrower QH! She's a doll and such a babysitter for our youngest. I've just got to figure out how to calm her skin, she's itching a lot around her neck. She had rain rot 😓so I'm wondering if that's it? I've coated her in MTG.

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Grateful to be stepping back into pointe shoes, thanks to @ullidunbar 's fab classes.

Wearing my daughter's beautiful bird skirt by @les_petites_jupes_de_patricia! Merci beaucoup, Patricia!
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Join us tonight for a beautiful outdoor performance of Giselle by @northwestfloridaballet at @grandboulevard on the green at 7:00pm.
This performance is FREE and features incredible guest artists from around the world and the talented company dancers of Northwest Florida Ballet. Teaser: our little hen has a cameo appearance with our ballerina daughter in Act I.

A show you don't want to miss!! Hope see you there!
After such tragedy this is all I know to say right now.
Took this pic on a road trip to pick up our youngest son from camp this was a double rainbow by a church along the side of the road, so peaceful and a momentous reminder that God is always with us, even in the most difficult or painful of times.

Love is the answer.
Father/son fishing trip with Peter and his childhood best friend aboard the @charterboatstelluna. It was our youngest's first deep sea fishing trip. They brought home tons of King Mackerel, couldn't believe how much there was and how good it tasted! It fed us one night plus a fish fry party with friends. 🐟🐟🐟
Incredible master class today with former New York City ballet dancer, Aubrey Morgan! You can see her this season on Broadway in Phantom of the Opera at the Majestic Theatre. She's in the ballet chorus - beautiful dancer!
So much gratitude and respect for my physiotherapist and trainer, Dr. David Lee. I met him one year ago after a bad injury and surgery. He helped me walk/function/dance again.
I'll never forget his words to me when I hobbled into our first PT session: "this is going to really suck, but you'll get stronger." I foolishly thought "how hard can it be?" Boy was I in for a surprise. He didn't just fix my foot, but rebuilt my body from head to toe, improving every way I moved while demanding the highest physical performance each time. Some days I didn't think I would make it out alive (the man uses a 🔪to break up scar tissue). He pushed me through agony and inspired me to come back stronger and more determined than ever. We laughed through the moments he tortured me, which were often. He went on to help the other athletes in our family, inspiring us to push beyond measure and NEVER stop.
You can form quite a bond with someone through extreme challenges and growth, and Dr. Lee is someone I'll always appreciate and never forget. So sad he is moving, but excited for his next chapter in life! 💙 (thanks to friend @pageotey for the introduction!)
Our hearts and prayers are with those in Texas. On the blog - inspiring thoughts and links to help all in need, including our fur friends. Link in profile. #praywithoutceasing
A special 13th bday celebration with some very special friends. Such precious girls. They all work hard and truly deserved a weekend of fun! #ballerinalife
Happy 13th birthday to our love bug, animal whisperer, artiste, and ballerina. You bring so much love and passion for art into our family. We love you sooooo much!
Sharing my new favorite dress on the blog (it's 20% off today!) and snippets from our vacay in Boston. Plus a crazy friendly squirrel I met in The Common. Link in profile. #summerfashion #anthropologie #anthrosummer #anthrodress #anthropologiestyle
The Keys were fun! I was a better mom/wife than an instagrammer, which is a sign of a great vacay! Speaking of which, here is an IG pic followed by a "real life" pic of our kids in the middle of tropical storm Emily. #keepinitreal #mid-bite
Kids asleep, the men on a dive, and a killer cup of Cuban coffee from a local cafe. Life is good.