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Norah has a cousin crush...and who could blame her? 🤷🏽‍♀️ #cutestcousinsever
Because one can never have too many heart rocks. ❤️
This pretty much sums up the last two years. We went from being pregnant and having a friend also offer to carry a baby for us, to having two baby girls that came 4 months apart, to then being sealed to Norah in the LDS salt lake temple today. I'm so grateful for this unique family of mine. The love that I feel for these girls is more than I ever even knew possible. Sometimes I feel like my heart is just going to burst! 💗 I'm also so grateful for the privilege of coming to know God and myself more through all of it. #familiesareforver #godislove #surrogacyislove
All sleep training went out the door last week when the girls were sick with what the doc said looked like croup, and now we're back to being up several times a night to crying toddlers (mostly just one toddler). The best though is watching @josemerk through the monitor to see he's playing hide and seek with this one at 3:15am and to hear her giggle. 🤷🏽‍♀️ At least she's not scream crying I guess, right? 🤦🏽‍♀️ #sleepsuggestionswelcome
Tonight, as we were putting these girls to bed, I had a sudden thought that got me all misty eyed as I imagined what it would be like to be in Mexico, or PR or Texas or Florida, and for a brief moment the thought of what it would be like to have lost a loved one in these tragic natural disasters consumed me. I know this sounds bleak, but it hit me for the first time and I could hardly bare the thought- what if this were the last time that I'd get to put my little girls to bed?? And then I thought of those around the world who were actually facing this reality. My heart aches for those who have lost homes, cars, pets, keepsakes, and have lost loved ones they hold dear. #prayingfortheworld
At the beginning of the day, this shirt was white. I swear. 🙋🏽 #norahnicole
This little lady turned two yesterday. How in the world do I have a two year old already?! She is both sweet and sassy. This girl knows what she wants and makes it known. She's as strong as they come and has been since day one. At the same time, she's a sensitive little soul. She loves to dance, currently only wants to wear her pink converse shoes, she's in love with her dad (of course) and has no fear when it comes to sliding down the big slide at the park. She loves her "wah wah" (aka- Norah), and is such a joy to have in our family. How did we get so lucky?? We're so grateful to have her. #rubymayturnstwo
Ruby's really into the crayon on water look. 🎨👌🏽 #creativegenesonpoint
Guess who climbed onto the dining table and ate my succulent plant while I was in the kitchen for 20 seconds...? #Goosie
"Ooo, what a little moonlight can do..."
We got to celebrate our "anniverthday" this weekend! I got married on August 19th, the day before my 20th birthday 🙈- yikes! I'm grateful to have lived a beautiful 32 years as of today, and to have married the greatest guy I know, @josemerk. I know this sounds cheesy and cliche, but he really is my best friend. Thank you for the well wishes, friends! 🎉💗 P.S. and thank you also for the delicious peach pie made by @lisavanlee10 and the famous Merkley chocolate birthday cake curtesy of @pwmerk. This new year is feeling swell already. 😋
Mountains in the future - pine trees in the past - and this lake in front of us is right now. #lakelifeisthebestlife
How do I convince @josemerk that this piano found at this thrift store in McCall, Idaho is meant to be ours? Anniversary/birthday gift perhaps?? 😏
"Let's do this, let's crank it." said @josemerk on the tea cup ride. Ruby's face had me 😂, in literal tears when we got off this ride. How I 💗 this fam of mine.
This girl. Her cheeks. Her belly laugh. Her sweetness. Her opened mouth kisses. We are so grateful to have her. How has a year gone by so quickly!? She's 18 months as of yesterday and I can't even... #sweetNorahbabe #18monthsalready
There's a little piece of Heaven at the very top of Millcreek Canyon. 💚