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This has been the sky above my neighborhood all day. The haze and smoke smell from the north bay fires has been very strong.
A few more kitties. As far as I know, they’re all still available for adoption. I tagged the shelter in the photos.
I volunteered at the animal shelter the other day and they have a kitty there with 3 legs! I love three legged animals! They need love, too!
I made Swedish pancakes for breakfast! <3
This is the peach pie I made from scratch last night! ‪With homemade crust and fresh peaches! Not of that pre-made or canned crap.‬ 🍑❤️
Big thanks to @seantwisters and @igndotcom for the awesome Grillmaster 76 apron! Obviously, I have to cosplay as him now. ;)
Spiderbro was still there when I got back from SF and survived the ride home! SPIDERBRO FOREVER!!! 🕷❤️
Big spider on the car door this morning. To his credit, though, spiderbro hung onto the sideview mirror the whole trip. Even on the freeway!
I found a lizard friend! Can anyone identify the species? Don't worry, I didn't touch it.
Because I'm a @crunchyroll Premium Member, I got a bag featuring the hit new anime "Naruto's Son" at @crunchyrollexpo!
I couldn't go to @crunchyrollexpo and not get a selfie with @sailor_bee! She's the reason @crunchyroll has such a great community! She's a huge reason why CR is what it is today. She does such a great job with everything she does and I both respect and admire her for it. <3
I didn't know @vampybitme was going to be at @crunchyrollexpo, but I'm so glad she was! I always love seeing her! <3
Good thing Brock wasn't at @crunchyrollexpo. He would've had a heart attack seeing @chastity_v in her AMAZING Officer Jenny cosplay!