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  Posted: Jul 16, 2012 9:37 PM FEED
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36 hours in Paris & we're back in Germany. Laughing and derping like a damn foo since meeting this guy almost 5 years ago, but *le sigh* I just love him so much⚡️🦋 I got to retell our story of how we met in Washington DC the weekend of President Obama's last inauguration to a stranger on the train who asked us how we came to be here. He melted and texted his wife all about it and told her he loved her😊
Mick Jagger just makes me want to up my game as a human. Rolling Stones in Paris...just epic!
8.3 blissful miles before picking Mila up from kindergarten & my dental surgery this afternoon. Feeling awesome and I hope the sun comes out tomorrow...literally the hardest thing for your feels is moving away from Southern California😅
Our transit in India was just beautiful. Mila and I got into a healing pool while the sitar serenaded us with "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star". I also met a guy who went to the same German language school I went to in Koblenz, and everyone we met today had magic about them. Synchronicity is afoot✨and sidenote: we made it to Germany!
Most boring picture I've ever taken but the haze in New Delhi is giving me horrific flashbacks to Shanghai. 1/3 of the way to Germany 😂
Some days you hike in nature, some days you walk through Munich (thanks treadmill)...flying back to Germany in the morning via India, it'll be a first for Mila and me!🌿39 days till the Malibu half-marathon🤙🏼
Such an awesome day. Every single day I am thankful we left Shanghai for Singapore🙌🏼🌿
Had so much fun in the urban jungle today🌿This is the only monkey video I had where I didn't say poop a million times. Just another day in Singapore🐒
They've already disassembled almost all the Formula One stuff but it still took us like 90 minutes to get to school😅 #tomfoolery
Tschüss Deutschland...we'll be back in like 9 days😅 On our way back to Singapore right meow
Bye Perth! Back in beautiful Singapore✈️🤙🏼🌿
Flying over the islands of Indonesia was amazing. So many sunken sandbanks, deep ocean trenches and islands beneath the waters, deserted dirt roads still visible from all the way up here. •
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Posted: Aug 30, 2017 4:37 AM
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It looks so much prettier on the top deck of the bus🌿 #Singapore
Posted: Aug 28, 2017 2:18 PM
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Throwback to Mila taking her first steps in the Maldives, when we went for her 11-month-almost-birthday😂🌴 Today she found these pictures and said, "Look Mama! Mila is ganz tiny, und Mama ist ganz groß!" She mixes English, German & Mandarin all at the same time, she's hilarious and I feel like the luckiest soul to get to be a part of her and to be with her all the time. Always my baby👶🏻