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Jesse high on heroin. #breakingbad.

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HBD Wayne the great legend. everybody got some swag from this man. We need that new Carter.
Photo of me holding a grilled alligators head and asking @larrydogg15 if he really ate it over a microphone.
Yaooo pimps and pimpettes , Red Corolla 🚗💨merch + more are now available at Gone ahead and get fresh right now!!
Yeaaaah Boooyeeee!!! HOF IS BACK tonite at 8:30pst on @dashradio, go right now and download that DashRadio app and time into the OFStation at 8:30pst. Gonna be hilarity and hot tunes.
Had to slap this one up from The Red Borolla launch party, goodlooks to my bro Chance for getting this on to me.
🚗💨 party was fresh last night!! @macksimo 📸
Today!! Pimps and Pimpettes, Big Ballers and Non Ballers don't even matter cause this shit is free no cost, 7pm at Wav, no need to RSVP just come to the address posted and get a free Red Corolla show, with big special guests, free food, free green and a fire breathing lady all that and more. 7pm we getting it rocking it's a party so just come!!!
Come by @wav this Thursday for a little holiday fun, Red Corolla party/show. We doing live musics and Free food and possibly weed haha. TELL A FRIEND TO TELL A FRIEND, everything free just come hang with us, maybe catch some super special guests. see you there pimpin!! @kingchip @takeflight @papaepill
Red Corolla out now 🚗💨
Red Corolla available now at 🚗💨
This is pretty tight, some of the boys pulling up to Inglewood this Saturday at 4. Now @nastyboyjasper leave me alone before i assassinate you. Lmao
Red Corolla out now at 🚗💨 @ashlangrey @henocksileshi 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Out Now!!! Hit to grab that and imma put that link in the bio as well!!! SMASH THAT MF LIKE BUTTON!!! 🚗💨
🚗💨Make sure you tune into HOF tonite we previewing a couple tracks off the new tape Red Corolla, plus exclusive info on release tonite at 8:30pst. Download that @dashradio app. And go to OF station. (Kobe verses sold separately)
I'm excited today!! This has been the most fire trip down memory lane and back yet, getting my first car back in motion. Feels like I'm back at the roots. it's all making sense, but no further adieu (hope that's correct) Red Corolla this week!! 🚗💨💨 Let's have fun! stay tuned....
As a huge Batman stan I gotta pay respects to Adam West. RIP big guy. OG Bat!