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  Posted: Jul 16, 2012 2:40 AM FEED
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It’s amazing what some strategically placed baby lights & balayage can do ✨ i live for that natural blend. blend is life. no harsh foil lines!🙅🏼
Popped @kathspears’s balayage cherry! 💁🏼🍒 Created a beautiful overall soft glow which will be the perfect base for some second session babylight magic ✨
The day we decided to let our outsides match our insides: dead, rotting, & desperately in search of people with brains. 💀
Happy Rocktober 1st!! 👻🎃🕸
Have you ever refrained from posting vacation pictures because posting them means accepting that it's over? Or am I just a freak? Well whatever, my heart & soul is still in Italia poppin' bottles by the pool with these weirdos 🇮🇹🍾☀️
Sombréd the lovely @chicory.kin 🌜🔮🖤 She's an extremely talented florist and made my flower crown & provided the eucalyptus leaves for my wedding reception in return for me doing her hair. Barter system FTW!

Give her a follow! @chicory.kin @chicory.kin @chicory.kin
Woke up 15 mins before I had to leave for work because I was stuck in a dream where I was back in this magical place with my fav weirdos. For real tho, I'd rather get stung by a jelly fish that lives in those waters than be at work right now. (that actually happened to @lucidop27 though... 🐙💥)
This entire hot springs smelled like a giant sulfur-y fart, kind of like when he dutch ovens me after eating Chipotle. So I guess you could say it felt like home here. 💙💨#bagnisanfilippo#justmarried#honeymooners
Wedding hair for @scwillss calls for a full head of babylights & a glaze! T-30 days til she's a Mrs. 👰🏼💕
It's been 2 weeks since I joined the Wolff pack & I still can't get over how perfect this day was. Just look at those views!! 😍 I wouldn't change a god damned thing for the world. 🇮🇹🍾👰🏼🤵🏼 #villasancrispolto#laketrasimeno#destinationwedding#romanticitalianweddings#passignanosultrasimeno
#Repost @lonelycatdad (@get_repost)
Over here crying. So happy for @courtsoshort and @wuduprod. Love you guys! #wedthewolffs
Having a bad case of PVSD: Post Vacation Stess Disorder. But it isn't so bad cause we've got loads of new memories with amazing people. Oh, and I got a new husband-o. Get ready Buffalo, power couple mode, ACTIVATED! 🇮🇹🍾
When ya gurl notices your hammie gains & offers to take a picture. Impatiently waiting for the bb quads to jump on the gain train now.. ⏳
photo cred 📸: @stonebrakersam
This is not an Herbal Essence commercial (remember those? 😆) Just some sexy hair on @kyeyepickleeye
Base w/ @paulmitchellus Shines XG 5N + 6G, babylights & toned with PM Shines 6A + 6BV
'I am going to make everything around me beautiful - that will be my life.'
Elsie De Wolfe (& every other hairdresser in the world)

Babylights & toned with 9V, 9P, + clear @redken Shades EQ.