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Illegal imports. Tasty illegal imports.

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Jesus H, someone just get me back to Cornwall already. 💔🇬🇧 🐄🐑🌊
Excellent day with pals seeing @carringtonb18 for her dude's 40th! Love you guys.
Had the best meal of Thai food in my entire life in London. This is a tiny perfect lilac dumpling with peanuts and coconut cream drizzled on top. Come ON.
Try and NOT fall in love with my boyfriend after looking at this photo. Jesus. 😻 #catsofthefan
#FBF He created @findapatio but maybe he should do Find a Potty instead. On the Southwest Coastal Path, the world is your john! #gowiththewind ❤️🇬🇧
We made the most of a chilly grey day in AMS... that didn't involve having our Achilles' tendons severed in Hostel-type scenarios (which TBH was never too far from my mind the whole time we were there). 🤷‍♀️🇳🇱🍺
Sorry, one more... because as we wrap the last leg of travel home, I can't help but wish we'd spent the whole 15 days in Cornwall, UK. It completely stole my heart and imagination and was a million times more wonderful than I could imagine. It was the kind of trip that was totally meant for me at every turn, pun intended. The scenery, sounds, vibe, food, energy, pace and people were just my speed.
I confirmed something about myself on this trip---I'll always prefer the small towns over the big, where I tend to feel harried and rushed and out of place. Cannot wait to go back and see more some day. ❤️🇬🇧 #mushroomsfordays
This houseboat roof resonates with me. If it were on the beautiful James River, I'd try and call her home. Last night in AMS and feel full of new memories and awareness and context and wisdom, and also so, so ready to see my sweet Virginia again (and all my people in it). 💕 🇳🇱 #dorothysaiditbest
Super cliche "made it to Amsterdam" photo. Last stop on the whirlwind tour. Eli, mom's almost home and she's bringing a European cold with her. 🤷‍♀️
Shut the front (heavy medieval wooden) door. Best underground beer bar I've ever been in. ❤️🇧🇪🍺
I cannot say enough about the sweet staff at this gorgeous hotel. After pointing out a handful of must-see beer joints on a map for us, one lady said "if I don't see you later I will send out search party." 😂🍻🇧🇪
His 🍺 was like 5.0% ABV and mine was over 9% so things are unequal but good and I'm maybe beeping and dancing like a robot while this huge American lady belches loud enough to start an old tractor. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up! 🇧🇪
Took a few sweaty, chaotic train rides back in time.
Hola from Wembley Stadium in London! GO JAGS 🐆🏈❤️🇬🇧