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troizen 274w ago
Saw this beautiful white Vespa yesterday in the area between Chelsea and Herald Square in Manhattan

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troizen 20w ago
57th Street near Madison Avenue
troizen 57w ago
I really like the design, typography, and gold foil on this t-shirt but I don't like graphics on v-necks and found it overpriced at $38. I also like this design because hardcore to me is someone who's intense or passionate about something.
troizen 66w ago
Remember when we were concerned about Barnes & Noble putting independent bookstores out of business? Earlier today I was at one of New York City's few remaining Barnes & Noble stores (the one at the CitiBank building recently closed.) I went during lunch hour and the place was rather empty. I wouldn't be surprised if this one goes, too :(
troizen 68w ago
Broadway near Union Square
troizen 70w ago
Ducati 899 on 23rd Street
troizen 80w ago
I inadvertently included this little dude in the laundry 😁
troizen 90w ago
Grateful to have a warm place to read this cold book today
troizen 121w ago
Got to see Gary Clark Jr perform live today!!
troizen 122w ago
My brother-in-law got me this awesome t shirt from Japan