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@gambitthefrenchie is excited I'm home...oh I guess @kelly4nia is too. Had fun but I'm happy to be home.
Birthday girl all tuckered out after a very long day of shenanigans. Happy birthday my love.
I would just like to thank #orphanandys for instilling in me the ideal that dreams can come true,....and for showing me that a #sloppyjoeomelette is a thing. And a thing to be proud of.
kiltkid 12w ago
Just a few of the items I'm listing today.
kiltkid 13w ago
Missing my old lady pretty hard right now. I'm sure she has had fun in SF for the last week, but I want her back now.
kiltkid 13w ago
#mezgroni time. I need to get a Rosso vermouth and some aperol to perfect this drink. I did a traditional 1/3 of everything, then added .5oz of the ancho Reyes and my own jalapeño/lime bitters. Still tastes great, but it could be better. Also didn't have any garnish.
kiltkid 14w ago
So on the fourth, kelly an I were walking by our favorite liquor store (happens to also be the closest @ttliquor ) and noticed they were doing tastings of @deathsdoorspirits Gin, which we love, so we went in. Little did we know that Brian, the founder, was also there. So we were booze groupies for half an hour.
kiltkid 16w ago
Finally found a place to pick up a few bottles of the famous #shipwreck mezcal styled beer collaboration from brewdog and ballast point brewery. Big thanks to Edd from @bottleshop_bermondsey for helping me out. As well as all the local brewdog locations for pointing me in the right direction.
kiltkid 16w ago
"New" mid century light shades. Stoked.
kiltkid 17w ago
In case anyone was curious, this is the actual reason I moved to London. #yearroundcadburyminieggs