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crunchy 274w ago
“A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content.”

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Beach babe doing her fing...
Today I set up a patch of sand at the beach and only charged high fives. 🙊
Don’t ya hate when everyone wants to steal your chips!
Wait for it....
#jealousyisacurse #minnimoo #foofyspangles
Do you ever get the feeling that someone is watching you eat??
Sunday Funday🐶🐶🌴☀️🌊🐚
Foofy Spangles waiting in line to test out the new snuggle pod🙊
Look out Noodles, I wouldn’t trust that one!

These luxurious NEW BLACK CORD snuggle pods are now available online. Perfect for both summer and winter. Your dog/cat can snuggle up inside or sprawl out on top.
Direct link is in our IG profile.
#snugglepod #noodlebrains #foofyspangles
Look what just crawled out from under the rocks...Erocks👹 #ewoks
🐶10% OFF ALL Snuggle Pod Dog Beds AND Snuggle Pod Covers!
🐶To take advantage, just head on over to our website (see direct link bio) and enter the code 'WINTER17' when you check out.
🐶Postage is ONLY $5 Australia Wide.
*offer ends Sunday 17th, 9pm EST.
Just me trying to share the love between some kisses, scratches and chicken frowing...#jealouscat
Usually he lubs this game...not sure if he's feelin it today🙊😂😂
The way it looks into the camera at the end🙊
#foofyspangles #singingcat #notreallysquashingmorelikeshaking
This fing ding just emerged from the deep murky looks like it's trying to tell me something...can you guess what it was?
When you try to cop a sneaky feel, but she's on to you, so you pretend like, nup, you was just stretching!
Check out the finger foots at the end, trying to get one last feel in🙊😂😂
#officecats #officeshinnanegans #foofyspangles
Beach babes...or is it 'beach fingdings'!?🤔
Meanwhile on the south coast of Australia, there's a crusty black griffon that's super proud of tonight's catch! 🙌🏼
That look someone throws you when you say something you finks real funny, but no one else does...
We can't find our stick and we is getting very frustrationed!