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My mom bought me eclipse snacks for the #eclipse 🌘
"It's like playing music." 🎹

Heidi explaining how she improvises the awe-filled nature scenes in her latest works. She just sees it, in her mind, but only one brushstroke at a time. The deep vision of this woman amazed me when I first met her, and I remain that way. I love the way she sees. (Swipe to see the work in progress.)
Coffee and breakfast at a place both wonderful and strange.
Taught us to shave, behave and never slave for the grave. Happy Father's Day, William George.
You've got two options in this life. (Words by David Lynch.)
If you're into ambient and/or ethereal and/or sacred music, I highly recommend @loudharp. Their new album is an exhale for the ears, and they're playing in Kansas City later this month. We're looking forward to it.
@tworiversdm family come thru #dang #fine #coffee #DesMoines (via @b_parks96)
If the lack of the laws of gravity and/or neon colors freak you out, keep scrolling. But, heads up I'll be running a FREE pour over bar before church @tworiversdm this Sunday at The Des Moines Social Club. Come over to hang with the community and get a caffeine buzz before the Holy Spirit Buzz. #coffee #pourovercoffee #pourover #chemex #kalitawave
My wife is awesome and threw a little Twin Peaks screening for us, for which she learned the theme song and made donuts and coffee even though she thinks the show is pretty weird. Love you, @heidihafner. πŸ˜˜πŸ©β˜•οΈπŸŒ„
"We bid the Elkhorn run until the red cow comes (I was a steadfast son, with thoughts and hooves divided). And on the arid ground of thirsty Zion’s hill, cold waters tumbled down, where the staff of Moses fell." β€” @mewithoutyou // ("Moses Striking the Rock and Bringing Forth the Water" by Chagall.)
"The kingdom of heaven, God the almighty merciful father, is that totality. It's that level. It's the almighty merciful father, and the divine mother, the kingdom of heaven, the absolute, divine being, bliss consciousness, creative intelligence. These are all names, but it is that." β€” David Lynch. "Twin Peaks" returns this month β˜•οΈπŸŒ„
"Brett did not turn up, so about quarter to six I went down to the bar and had a Jack Rose with George the barman.”
β€” Hemingway, 'Sun Also Rises'
of late

I’ve had this thought

that this country

has gone backwards

4 or 5 decades

and that all the

social advancement

the good feeling of

person toward


has been washed


and replaced by the same


We have more than ever

the selfish wants of power

the disregard for the weak

the old

the impoverished

the helpless.
We are replacing want with war

salvation with slavery

we have wasted the gains

we have become rapidly

we have our Bomb

it is our fear

our damnation

and our


something so sad

has hold of us


the breath


and we can’t even

cry _______________________________________________________
the prophet Charles Bukowski, "Putrefaction."
Snuck in a game on the way home from visiting family this weekend.