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Hey everyone! We've been quiet for a while, but here's a taste of what's to come. New single off our forthcoming EP! Link to full song in bio!
This will never not be a thing with @forestwalldorf. I love all of my @sundressedband dudes though and I'm way happy that not only did I get to see them Friday, but I get to see them again in a couple months! Love ya fam!
@vadawave was so good last night! Thanks for all the good feels @quinstagram and @megarad !!!
This past week, I haven't haven't been feeling like myself. It's like I've been wandering aimlessly, not able to have emotion or hold conversation with anyone. I feel it's appropriate that I'm playing guitar for @westingx album release tonight for his album, "I Haven't Been Feeling Myself." Come see me try to be a normal person! It's free at Urban Lounge at 8!
I decided to take a road trip down to Phoenix to surprise my @sundressedband buds at their album release. Way proud of my dudes, best show I've ever seen them play.
The Outdoor Retailer demo at Solitude was so great today. Although being the first day out on the snow this year really kicked my ass.
Favorite coffee from my favorite city!
Saw a bunch of bull elk up near Kimball Junction yesterday!
From a few weeks ago when @juliannasumisu and I braved the cold and snow to camp in the High Unitas.
We planned on going up to the living room even if it were cold and rainy like it's been the past couple days. The weather ended up being perfect.
He just couldn't go fast enough... rip Sanic.
Always finding spots above us to look all regal. Seriously amazing hike today though!
Just got my new custom @monikerguitars bass. Can't wait to plug this thing in!
Throwback cause why not? Also, look at those bangs!
Third weekend in a row of camping. Nothing like waking up in the mountains!
Backpacking trip got cut short since where we were hiking in to was on fire. The lighting was amazing though.
Last night was so awesome! One of the best shows I've seen in a while!
New little spiderfriend at our house. I think he likes me.