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#photoadayjuly #day13 My Mom. A picture I recreated of my Gramps, my Mom and myself as a baby. Then years later my Gramps, my Mom, myself and my baby :) #Mom

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My baby throwing a fit inside of a glow stick man costume!! 😂😂 #wheredshego
Not always an easy thing~ but oh so important. Hurt people...hurt people. Healed people...heal people. I always say "if they are that mean to you, think of how mean they are to themselves" it's true tho. Bullies bully themselves worse then they bully any of their victims....might not seem like it, but behind closed doors deep in their minds and in their hearts they have a self-hate that manifests as lashing out at others. People that judge don't accept themselves. People that accuse so much are usually holding onto a whole lot of guilt. People that have nothing good to say about others or about the world have a mind full of dark dreary thoughts and a heart that's full of hurt and anger and they for sure are not happy with themselves. Watch how people act it says a lot a whole lot about who that person really is. Words are words are words. Go with how you feel and if you feel like you just gotta stay away from certain people. Do it. Do that. Protect your energy. Vibe high. Love big love loud. Let other's do that mean thang. We love ourselves way too much for that nonsense!!
This New Moon/Eclipse got me feelin' like I weigh 200,000 lbs. seriously not a shred of energy in this body.
It isn't personal "trust issues" if some of the people in your life aren't trustworthy. I have always said one of the most important/ difficult lessons in life is figuring out who NOT to be around. It doesn't matter why either. Doesn't have to be some grand "you did me wrong" sometimes it's a simple clashing of vibes, but if you leave an encounter feeling worse about yourself/life in general then that's your #1 sign to back the fuc off that person and keep your energy protected with positive encounters only. Some times every single person in your life is too much....that's ok too. Means you need some time alone to feel yourself. Listen to your instincts - YOU know what YOU need. Nobody else has that knowledge. Nobody knows you like you know you. Don't give them that power. Shape your own world. Be careful who you let into that world. Protect your energy 💕
Leo moons got me like "fuck off" "fuck alllll the way off"
Don't come at me with that low vibe shit.
Little beebee fairy......soooo cute!!
When the beat drops......those moves tho!!!
We took our very first shower together!! It was sooo cute her standing under the water like a big girl 💕 #sofreshandsocleanclean #babymomma #babygirl #love
Don't EVER feel bad for doing what is best for YOU!! And only YOU know what that is!! #highvibes