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"Can you take a photo of this bench?"
Thanks for taking such good care of my Zombie Whale!
So good in fact, that it actually looks alive.
@jenandpickles @prettygoodclare
FOMO'ed: @clintosaurus94
Thanks so much @csnnvancouver for the sweet GRAND PRIZE from #khatsalano worth over many big ones!
No more excuses to be a healthier me. 😂😅
A spoonful of sugar,
Makes the medicine go down!
In the most delightful way... #tuts #supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
#brunomars what a great performance by you and your hooligans! 🎉😂💃💃🏽
Throwback to when it was easy to get Barbacoa estilo Michoacãn 😢 😢 😢.
Playing Jenga.
Level: Extreme.
Serious players only.
Manhattan? Old fashioned? Some whiskey sour?
So apparently there's more than one bench that shows you're loved. (more vandalism)