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alijo25 274w ago
Thank god for @fdebauche01 :)

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alijo25 20h ago
My first thought was more like, "this is never going to work" 😒...but here I am over 4 months later, doing the same, simple 3 steps every morning. 💪🏼 Like I tell Logan, "I couldn't fake it this long, if I tried." So, my only conclusion...this energy and REAL. 🎉
Another day. Another 9 hours of work. Another hour doing yard work. Several hours of homework ahead of me. And here I am, doing far more than JUST surviving. 💪🏼I even managed a KILLER workout this AM! 🖤 #thanksthrive #youdeservethis #whatareyouwaitingfor
See that little black patch? Me and that little guy Monday'd HARD today!

We worked a full day, went grocery shopping at lunch, got home and cooked dinner, made lunches, walk mowed part of the yard, swept leaves, and are now sitting down at 8pm to do homework. 💪🏼 I couldn't do it all without Black Label! 🖤 #thanksthrive
It's been a Monday...but my cousin got her Bridesmaid Box in the mail! 💕 And she said YES! 🎉 @mohrbsadorbs
We were there, we had to see what it was all about 🤷🏼‍♀️#coloradoadventures
Head over to my Facebook page for a chance to win a FREE MINI EXPERIENCE! 🥇🆓 #thrivewithme #thrive #miniexperience
My flight last night was beautiful for 2 reasons. The first being this gorgeous sunset. The second being that I got to go HOME. #restandrecover #sunset #byebyeNJ #helloGB
So exciting when you get awesome stories like this! She has struggled to lose weight - even after her doctor put her on medication to help... and THRIVE was the key in just 3 days! 💁🏼💪🏼
I absolutely hate hotels. 😩 And I'm in one AGAIN tonight. I never sleep I packed REST. We're putting this to the test tonight! 💤
We've been like non-stop busy for a month now...running in circles on a daily basis. It's always a nice surprise (and reminder that I made it through Monday) when I get the notification about my paycheck from Le-Vel on Tuesday! 🤑 Everyone deserves a little extra pep in their step and jingle in their pocket. Are you ready? 💰💪🏼
Balance works wonders! It SAVED me on vacation. This little capsule offers:
🔹Digestive Support
🔹Weight Management
🔹Improved Nutrient Absorption
🔹Supports Intestinal Function
🔹Immune Support
While we had a fairly active vacation, I ate and drank what I wanted - I enjoyed myself. And I came back not a single pound heavier (unheard of)! So happy I added this easy step to my nightly routine! 💪🏼
Shoulders and arms last night. Doubled up this AM with abs and legs 💪🏼 #thanksthrive #backatit
Rocky Mountain Oysters 🚨Spoiler Alert: They're not actually oysters. 🐂 #bulltesticles
Breckenridge is at the top of my list for most beautiful places in the world 😍 #coloradoadventures #nofilterneeded