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Growing up my old neighbor had a 300D sitting up in his driveway,it's still there #Mercedes #300D
All I've been thinking about lately are pre 1980s Mercedes, Like this diplomatic ass #Mercedes600 it is kinda horrific watching this thing getting destroyed. Happy October people #mercedes music credit=The Other Song by Spirit
Mandy says "Let's go to Africa and play football with jah children"
This little rainbow slappy ledge was way harder to skate for me than I wanted it to be 🎥 @julafuegoisland is a nice guy showed me how it was done then proceeded to film and motivate me to make it happen.
💚🌵cactus, tumble weeds and rollin rocks down hill
Experimenting with A little Xman inspiration, Rippy Mickey
Training for the pipe masters. I know if this spot got hit with the right swell it would pump, today not so much lol#itsnotthatshallow #gosurfweirdshit
In my opinion older Beemers have the best looking factory engine bays in the car industry(not necessarily mine). What's your opinion? My little #1991 #m42 #bmw #318is