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Thought I would throw some makeup on for old times sake this past weekend! #whereyouliveimpactsyouraesthetic #relivingtheolddays
What a crazy morning on the hill. Walk out to zero visibility, but the loudest bird songs going. It was surprisingly warm and peaceful despite not being able to see the beautiful scenery. #fogfordays #birdgamestrong #peaceful
When your boyfriend wants a Whiskey Sour but you don't have any of the tools. Step 1: Make simple syrup. Step 2: Separate egg whites from the yolk. Step 3: Find something to measure ingredients with. Step 4: Find something to shake and strain ingredients with. Final Product: He fucking loves it. #girlfriendgoals #whenyourgifriendiscreativeandcanbartend #girlfriendgamestrong #dowhatyoucanwithwhatyouhave
A lovely spring day with @onlyonedannyboy and I's house on the hill in the background. I am truly blessed to have this little slice of heaven. #houseonthehill #NewZealand #home #heaven
It's been an interesting 3 weeks. First my Honda CRV got stolen right off the driveway. We didn't have it insured, but needed to spend $500 for it to pass it's WoF anyways. In the meantime, we lucked out and got an easy fixer upper of a BMW that my amazing and talented better half can fix up for a lovely profit. So things weren't looking so bad and I was still hopeful my baby would come home. When we got the call that the police found it, I was so heart broken seeing my CRV torn absolutely apart, my sound system Daniel bought me for my birthday gone and my Uncle who has passed away's sunglasses gone. But something I have learned by being with my amazing boyfriend is that no matter what happens we will get through. I trusted everything will be fine and look at this! My new baby and my first manual! Steal of a deal and the guy threw in a sub and amp! My hugest life lesson is to believe it's all going to play out the way it needs to and thank whoever the hell is up there for having a man who teaches me to stay strong, stay positive and supports me no matter what life throws at us.
Okay I am done now. #bestboyfriendever #newcar #firstmanualcar #everythingworksoutintheend #believeandyouwillreceive
Just a lovely Winter's day in New Zealand. 19 Degrees, no big deal. Winter back home is going to be hilarious!! #nzwinter #nzwintervscanadawinter
New Zealand has empowered me to ditch the false eyelashes and stick to the basics: foundation, blush and mascara. In Canada this was not an option! It's crazy how much the culture of where you live can shape you. People here don't place so much importance on superficial things and honestly it's also too expensive. I've learned to change my perspectives and values and I am working on myself more and more each day. I hope to go back to Canada stronger and better and not lose sight of this new and better me. #becomingmoregenuine #lessismore
Best welcome home gift ever!! My handsome and talented other half has put my dance pole up, lent to me by one of my beautiful and amazing instructors! So excited!!! Time to improve and become even more fit! #polefitnesshasbecomemylife #dancepole #bestboyfriendever #altitudepolenz
Just a lovely winters day in New Zealand. Got the patio doors open, my feet propped up and a glass of wine enjoying the view of Southshore and past that to the ocean and the alps in the distance. So thankful for this slice of paradise and to have my better half beside me! @onlyonedannyboy ❤️ #myhomeismyparadise #thisisthelife #views #ocean
Oh no big deal, just the view from @onlyonedannyboy and I's new house! So happy we get to enjoy our own little slice of heaven.
Roman wasn't to sure about the beach today, but he did recognize it was a glorified bathroom and made his mark. Met a cool little pooch and pretty much astonished everyone with his adventurous nature and of course that he listens and follows me! Definitely a proud FurMom today! #beachcat #mycatisthedopest
I love how he still manages to look tough with my little man in his arms! My boys! ❤️😘#relationshipgoalsmet #beardedgent #catboyfriendlove #myboys
Just became an Altitude Pole Gal thanks my amazing boyfriend buying me a one year membership! Time to get back being confident, getting fit and now I have a whole new family of positive and amazing gals to do it with! I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me! Fun and sexy fitness for the win! #altitudepolenz #sexyfitness #girlpower
On this day last year in Ireland, life, circumstances, events and things came together and I met my dream come true: Daniel McCann. A year later and here we are living in New Zealand and taking life by storm. There's nobody else I would rather be with and nobody else that has ever loved, accepted, appreciated and adored me as much! So here's to us and our unofficial 1 year anniversary. The first of many! To my partner in crime, my best friend, the love of my life and my one and only, I love you. #lovevomit #mybestfriend #partnerincrime #bestboyfriendever #handsomedevil #beardedgent #irish🍀
Waves in Kaikoura and skipping rocks! So excited to spend the weekend here with @onlyonedannyboy for my mini birthday getaway. I already feel refreshed being this close to the ocean and smelling the clean air on this sunny day! #skippingrocks #kaikoura #beach #birthday #birthdaygetaway
Taking a little break out back during our epic bar rave! What a night! 3 Stages (Inside, Usptairs and Outside), with 9 DJs. I love managing this bar!! #ilovemyjob #insomnia3 #soundwavenz @pegasusarms.chc