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Roasted Cauliflower and Potato Salad with Tarragon Tahini: a bright, herby upgrade to your standard spud salad with an added punch of fiber and bittersweet notes of anise. Recipe link in bio!
Shout out to my girl @sc_balancedeats (whose food pics are almost as beautiful as she is🙌🏻) for making my Whole Grain Pumpkin-Pecan Blondies look sexier than ever. What a gem.
It's always the right time for a crispy broiled salmon moment. Coconut-braised greens and a little orange-sesame glaze keep things weeknight-optimized.✔️
Apples, chicories, brassicas—the whole fall squad has a place in these Autumn Quinoa Bowls with Orange-Thyme Vinaigrette. Toss in plenty of toasty nuts and seeds for the alt-crouton experience, and no one will protest if you go heavy on the goat cheese. Recipe link in bio!
Everyone needs a solid pumpkin dessert recipe in the fall. This one for Whole-Grain Pumpkin-Pecan Blondies wants to be yours.🎃 Recipe link in bio!
I would not mind tucking into this One-Pot Autumn Vegetable Farrotto every day for the remainder of fall. Top it with a poached egg if you're feeling fancy and enjoy it on repeat all week long. Recipe link in bio!
It's Friday and we've got Cider Donuts with Maple-Tahini Glaze on deck. What a day to be alive. Recipe on! #thenewhealthy
Radicchio and citrus get a creamy upgrade with goat cheese and avocado. Base notes provided by a simple lemon-honey dressing. This salad speaks to me.
Late summer meets early fall mash-up with harissa-roasted butternut, crispy Brussels, and kumatos (they stay intensely flavorful year-round) slathered in tahini, avocado oil, and feta.
Oneee last summer-ish recipe before the autumn equinox drops tomorrow and pumpkin spice becomes our blood type. This 10-Minute Asian Cucumber Salad is fresh, bright, crunchy, and downright addictive. Recipe link in bio!
After the past week of moving and settling into a new place, I've realized the only things I truly enjoy decorating are grain bowls. So here we are.🤷🏻‍♀️
Pizza is already a perfect food, but bolster it with an umami blast of Thai-inspired toppings and it might be the greatest cuisine mashup ever. Recipe for Thai Roasted Cauliflower Pizza in my bio!
Hitting the easy button and letting the spices do the heavy lifting this AM. Cardamom peaches, cinnamon-tahini granola, and vanilla @siggisdairy. 👌🏻
My heart is in FL this weekend. Praying for a safe outcome for my family, friends, fur baby, and everyone in the path of this beast. #floridastrong
Sumac Salmon Tacos with Coriander-Mint Yogurt, because all good things should be wrapped in a corn tortilla. (Taco purists may want to leave their authenticity meter at the door). Recipe link in bio!
Relying solely on caffeine and kimchi to fuel the Tuesday hustle.🙏🏻
Giving Labor Day lunch a low maintenance + big flavor treatment with sumac-grilled salmon and a heavy-hitting hazelnut-mint gremolata. Lawn chairs, porch swings, and sun-soaked naps are excellent accompaniments.✌🏻
A little damage control before the holiday weekend.☑️
Portobellos are a top-tier stuffing vessel. Just ask my random assortment of leftovers: quinoa, roasted cauli, pesto, and sundried tomatoes + walnuts & herbs. My idea of magic mushrooms.✨
Savory oatmeal is a wonderful thing. Bolster your next bowl of grains with umami-bomb mix-ins like miso, mushrooms, and tamari, round it out with a mix of alliums, and finish it off with toasted sesame oil and a poached egg. Those silky streams of nutrient-dense yolk will gloss over the toothsome grains like a dream and make you crave these oats for any meal of the day. Recipe link in bio!