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This could be us but you playin 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Last one until tomorrow. Bday dinner at the new cool guy casino w babes fahmmmm. Hbd @emmmamae
Today is my best friends birthday. It feels like my birthday because I'm so excited for this girl!! I've never been more sure about anything in my life. Love you to the moon and back brother 💕💕💕
Hungover guy gets 1 of her many birthday gifts early @emmmamae I love ya pal 💕🆒
Meet BOOF our lil kitty 👶🏼😳
Dinner date night with my ride or die. My day 1. Love of my life. Absolute nerd. Fuck wit us 💯❤🍔
Throwback to the best 5 days ever with this beautiful nerd right here @emmmamae
Out here at deep cove daze serving drinks w this lovely lady 💯
Much deserved board for the homie @magnushanson ! Congrats my guy💯💯💯
If ur werkin late better tell ur boss to beat it. "Curb comp" is this afternoon n ya best be there. Fastest longest best are the categories so leave ur Ollie shoes at home.
After party at @fortunesound hosted by @fortuneskateclub x @booyahpatrol in the middle floor project space. I'll be chuckin liquor around for all my chicks and doods 💯🤘🏻🆒
Just me and my iPod feet. Tryin to make it in this world 💩
Back to our messy little home. Gotta give love to Jamie and his squad at @unityosoyoos for the love. If ur in the Okanagan make sure you pay them a visit 💯❤