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  Posted: Jul 12, 2012 11:42 PM FEED
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I hope I can always pick you up when you're down my love. I'm grateful for you every day. Happy birthday @vilasdas! Photo by @just.ananta
Look guys I made a meme about my life.
I'm feeling so far removed from this life but I'll be back there soon #throwbackthursday #ambalam
Happy Sharad Purnima 🙏🏼🌝
For today's #kumarimaychallenge I'm getting in some theory practice with this Naatya Bala Bodhini book. Bharatanatyam is an ocean of learning, and all we can hope for is just a drop of it ❤️
When I'm not in yoga/dance clothes, cash me in this denim skirt (dance post coming tonight loves)
One more from the park. From day 17 of #kumarimaychallenge ||Adavu || This is one of my favorites. We're almost at the end guys!
In the interest of catching up to the right day, here is also revive from day 15 of #kumarimaychallenge this is a clip from a Natesha Kauthuvam that I probably learned when I was around 11. Sorry again for the beeping sound. My speaker was dying.
I'm playing a little catch-up since I wasn't feeling well the past couple days. This is for day 15 of #kumarimaychallenge ||choreograph|| Rather than choreographing, I just chose a song and decided to improvise to it. This is one thing I love about dance, being able to express myself in a creative outlet, and using it to relate deeper to songs of our rich Vaisnava tradition. This is from Agnideva Prabhu's album and it says "Radha Krishna prana mora jugala kishor | jivane marane gati aro nahi mora [ Radha and Krishna are my life and soul. In life or in death, I have no greater refuge than them. **please excuse the beeping sound in the beginning. I was at the park and my speaker battery was dying.
#kumarimaychallenge day 14. Today's theme was group challenge, and although I couldn't manage to get a group together with my schedule, I practiced a piece that I used to perform with a group. Here's a small excerpt of Saraswathi Jathiswaram. I see this and the mistakes make my eyeballs burn... but maybe posting it on here will keep me humble 🙈
Sometimes I reeeally have to hype myself up to practice because I just don't feel like it. My mom makes fun of me because when I was a kid I really wasn't very athletic. I would run around for a minute and then I'd sit down and say I would rather draw or crochet. I pride myself on being an active person but most of it is mind over matter because sometimes my body feels allergic to activity hahah! So here's one way I trick myself into getting excited. I play my dance music loudly while I warm up and before I know it, my body just wants to start dancing. This is technically for yesterday's theme: morning practice. As promised, I'll be posting another video today as I'm one day behind on the #kumarimaychallenge 😘
One thing that helps a lot in assessing your form is dancing in front of a mirror. I don't do it all the time because I feel that sometimes it can be distracting, but it can be a very useful tool when working on technique. Today's theme for the #kumarimaychallenge is technique. Double post coming tomorrow to make up for the missed day 😘
Day 11 of #kumarimaychallenge is stamina. One thing I really could be improving on is cardio in order to combat the fatigue that I feel within minutes of dancing any heavy nrtta piece. So today I did jumping jacks, squats and jumped rope. Since I didn't take any photos of that rather unglamorous workout session in my apartment. Here's a photo instead of me looking badass in front of a camp fire at @supersoulfarm 😜 thank you to @kismus for taking the photo and @supersoulfarm for being the most inspiring little farm and community. #urbandevi2017
I'm a little late in uploading today as I was feeling a bit under the weather when I came home from upstate. But I managed to get a bit of practice in. Here is day 10 of #kumarimaychallenge abhinaya || The nayika, feeling betrayed by Krishna and surprised to see him at her door says "why have you come here? Don't you know that the woman you're looking for doesn't live on this street? Please go"
Day 9 of #kumarimaychallenge is teach. || they say that you learn the most when you teach. This weekend I have had the honor of sharing space with a group of incredible women on a women's yoga and bhakti retreat. I've been so lucky to share dance and kirtan with these women and even though I've been teaching dance, I've been gaining 100x more than I can even begin to give. There is special magic in creating sacred space and ritual with like-minded women in service of the sacred feminine. And the genuine connections that we make as a result are unique and precious. #urbandevi2017 Photo by @kismus
#kumarimaychallenge day 8! The theme is Alaripu. I'm on my way to a retreat upstate where I will be leading kirtan and teaching a dance workshop! It's a perfect day and I'm so glad to be getting a break to the city. While on my way, catching a ride with the wonderful Alex Moga, @thetopofmymind we stopped for a little detour and I took the opportunity to practice my Tishra Gathi, Eka Thalam Alaripu. I'll be doing my very best to keep uploading during this retreat but I can't guarantee anything since I'm not sure what the phone reception situation will be. I hope you all have a lovely weekend!
Here's a little kuditta mettu adavu for day 7 of #kumarimaychallenge. First speed is a real thigh burner. This one's for you @irisplatt!