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kduncang 274w ago
Triceratops made from four different sets of bones. #naturalhistorymuseum

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come sing karaoke at r bar, get some jj abrams lens flares up in that ass.

and alāna is here, being a barback. make her change a keg.
for a bunch of nobodies doing a lousy weezer impression in the middle of nowhere, velcron brought it hard, every fucking time they played.

big secrets are coming to light, we (the matts and i) promise.

cupcakes kill.

these are a delicious way to die, though.
let's make the end of 36 look better than the beginning.
metal monday is special midnight, it's happy birthday to me!

come drink at an all-night happy hour, come eat chicken wings, and come request songs at the ONLY all-request metal night in los angeles.

and come say happy birthday.

send nudes.

stars at 10:30pm, directly following duh! trivia.

horns up // hail satan
great birthday. old friends, new ones, tailgates, scotch, and my cascadian flag flying high. let's do it again next year.
happy early birthday to me.
gotta hurry and close the bar for tonight but we're scared of the korean ghosts in the building! come in on saturday and see if we made it out alive!
My band @foethebandla is doing our first radio interview today on Jenny's Real Talk On The Block! Come give a listen at 3pm PST, or even call in and hassle us!
look who didn't get fired from transformers 5 or whatever?

metal monday is happening. all night happy hour is happening. all your metal requests being played is happening.

always after duh! trivia with nick monteleone.

get chicken wings for that ass.

horns up // hail satan
I have known the homie Aleph Geddis my entire life, and to witness his evolution as an artist has been remarkable; his woodwork feels like someone opening their third eye--your third eye.
Please give him a follow if you can.
they were playing outkast in here so fucking loud
Little sis, fresh off the plane, straight to Howlin' Ray's. I'm a good brother.
how have you forgotten

metal monday, happening now at r bar

the dark lord is listening

horns up // hail satan
Zak Everly showed me and Haeuser some old Velcron photos from high school when we went over fit a dinner party two nights ago. During this exact series of pics, we played the local grange hall...we cleaned the venue before and after we played. Every time.
Life will never be this fun again.