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Salsa party is on tonight! 7/12 7-9pm. DJ Henry Knowles and perf by Belmir Latin Dance Studios!

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#JudyChicago has been a pioneer in the development of feminist art since the 1970s. Her most influential work is the sweeping installation #TheDinnerParty, a celebration of women’s achievements in Western culture, an icon of feminist art, a flashpoint for dialogue and controversy, and since 2007, the beating heart of our Sackler Center for Feminist Art. Join us tonight as we honor Chicago with a Women in the Arts award at our Yes! Gala. The event kicks off our two-day #BrooklynConference and gives an early look at our newest exhibition #dinnerpartyroots, opening Friday, Oct 20. Link in bio for details and tickets.
Get in the Halloween spirit on one of our unique #SoulfulCreatures and @historicgreenwood Trolley Tours taking place on October 21 and 22, and an extra spooky night tour on Halloween. Explore ancient Egyptian process and purpose of animal mummification then hop on a trolley to compare these spiritual creatures to victorian-era animals depicted in the monuments of Green-Wood Cemetery. Link in bio for details and tickets.⠀
Until fairly recently, all upper-class Koreans maintained domestic shrines that were used for paying homage to their ancestors. Families who could not afford to set aside a whole building for ancestor worship would substitute paintings of those buildings, adding Great Grandfather’s name on the plaque in the doorway. This oversized shrine painting is too big for a home: it was made for a government building and is dedicated to the king and queen, who were like the parents of the country and were honored in much the same way by their subjects. #artsofkorea #한국미술
Is it just us or is everyone getting excited for David Bowie is? 👨‍🎤 Just a reminder that Members tickets will be available on Nov 8 and standard tickets go on sale to the public on Nov 15. In the meantime, keep sharing your excitement through personal photos, fan art, and Bowie memories with us using #DavidBowieisBKM and you may end up on our feeds. 🔄 @legodavidbowieis #mybkm
A little #bluesday inspiration from #bkmartsofamericas: This blue-and-white glazed tile from Puebla, Mexico, features an angel motif, suggesting that it was made for a church or other religious structure. The use of blue-and-white comes from the influence of Chinese porcelain trade goods that moved through Mexico in the eighteenth century, when it was under Spanish rule. Coveted by Europeans as a sign of wealth, blue-and-white porcelain was imitated by Mexican artisans for local use in churches and wealthy homes. #infinitebluebkm 🔵
This week the #BrooklynConference assembles a roster of thought leaders, activists, and art luminaries for a full two-day program of workshops, thinkshops and discussions on social justice. The event kicks off Thursday at our Yes! Gala, a special celebration of the past, present, and future of feminist art with an exclusive exhibition preview of #dinnerpartyroots. Swipe right to see a few more of our inspiring participants and click link in bio for the full lineup, details, and tickets!
The elaborate exterior, complete with a head and crown rendered in resin, conceals an incomplete mummy. CT scans revealed that, inside, there are only two bones and a lot of feathers to stand for the body of an ibis. This was an, unfortunately, common practice as ibis mummies were a very popular commodity for worshippers hoping to send messages to Thoth. Come see the fanciest mummy in #SoulfulCreatures!
Bringing together the work of three innovative chroniclers, Proof: Francisco Goya, Sergei Eisenstein, Robert Longo offers insight into the energy, empathy, and creativity with which these artists recounted and reimagined their realities. Watch Sara Softness, Assistant Curator, Special Projects, discuss #SergeiEisenstein and his pioneering films on view in the exhibition. #proofbkm
Hi, DC! If you're looking for the purrfect way to spend #Caturday, Divine Felines: Cats of Ancient Egypt is now on view at the Smithsonian’s @freersackler until January 15. Ranging from domesticated cats to mythic symbols of divinity, #DivineFelines highlights the important role of cats in ancient Egyptian imagery. If you have a friend in the area who you think will enjoy the show, tag them meow and tell them to check it out! #bkmtours
#JudyChicago is a pioneer of feminist art and education whose prolific career spans five decades, 14 books on art and philosophy, and numerous exhibitions in the U.S. and abroad. From early Minimalist work to larger community-supported installations like #TheDinnerParty, Chicago encourages conversations about gender politics and social commentary that continue to inspire artists and activists. Join us next Thursday, Oct 19 as we honor Chicago with a Women in the Arts Award at this year's Yes! Gala and see Roots of “The Dinner Party”: History in the Making a day before it opens to the public. Link in bio for details and tickets. #FBF #dinnerpartyroots
Hey, LA! We Wanted A Revolution: Black Radical Women, 1965-85 will make its only stop on the west coast at the @caaminla now through Jan 14. Through a diverse group of artists and activists, #wewantedarevolution examines the political, social, cultural, and aesthetic priorities of women of color during the emergence of second-wave feminism. If you have a friend in LA who you think will enjoy this show, tag them and tell them to check it out. #bkmtours
There is a tremendous sense of movement in this diminutive dragon decoration—once used as a finial for a hairpin or other small object. The beast’s ears and whiskers sail backward, as though confronting a powerful wind. The auspicious animal narrows his eyes and bares a set of fiercely sharp teeth. The sophistication of Goryeo-period metalwork is evident in the elaborate golden scales and expressiveness of the dragon, which represented balance in nature, and the authority and power of Korean Kings. #artsofkorea #한국미술
Join artist, journalist, and activist #MollyCrabapple this Saturday as she sets her #ArtistsEye on #proofbkm. Known for her illustrated reportage on Occupy Wall Street, the Greek economic crisis, and Guantanamo Bay, Crabapple will respond to the works of Francisco Goya, Sergei Eisenstein, and Robert Longo, on view in the exhibition. Part of our series of intimate talks by contemporary artists that illuminates our special exhibitions with fresh and alternative perspectives. Link in bio for tickets.
The animal in this nondescript bundle was linked to an extremely important god in ancient Egypt. Like many birds, it was thought to travel between the earth and the heavens because it could fly. As a mummy, it carried hopes and prayers to Thoth, the god of all wisdom. What is it? #soulfulcreatures

@vivianakol guessed it first! The mystery mummy is an Ibis! Keep your eyes on our feed to learn more about this animal and it’s place in ancient Egypt.
This Thursday you can watch #KarlFreund’s cult-classic horror movie The Mummy (1932, 73 min.), steps away from our renowned ancient Egyptian art collection. After the movie, hop on a tour of our #soulfulcreatures with curator Ed Bleiberg as he debunks myths and sets the record straight on mummies in ancient Egypt. Click link in bio for tickets.⚰️
We are thrilled to collaborate with the @brooklynbotanic, @bklynlibrary, and @brooklynbrain on a four-part series exploring the debates and intersections between science and storytelling. Head to link in bio for details and registration and we'll see you this fall! #bkmeducation
A little #bluesday inspiration from #bkmeuropeanart: In the mid-18th century, #ThomasHudson helped set the standard for fashionable portraiture in London with works such as this one. The sitter is posed elegantly, holding a basket of flowers and wearing a voluminous silk dress adorned with lace, bows, and pearl details. This style of dress was very common in portraits of this era; depending on the sitter, it may have been a stock dress kept in the artist’s studio and used repeatedly to convey gentility and wealth. Deep blue was among the most popular colors for men’s and women’s fancy dress during this time. #infinitebluebkm 🔵
Tomorrow evening we're celebrating the return of our Korean galleries with an exclusive after-hours viewing of #artsofkorea and a conversation between @doryunchong, Chief Curator of Hong Kong visual culture museum M+, and collection artist #ByronKim (@skybluekite). They will talk about Dansaekhwa, an important movement in Korean art that started in the mid-1970s. Presented in partnership with @tinakimgallery and @kukjegallery. Link in bio for tickets.
"All art was once contemporary art. And that's particularly on-point here for Goya, who really was so engaged with the political and social structures of his time, and critiquing them." —Lisa Small (@small.lisa), Senior Curator, European Art, discusses prints on view in #proofbkm that are from four of #FranciscoGoya’s best-known series of etchings, including The Caprices (Los Caprichos), which are from our permanent collection.
#SanfordBiggers’s quilt series recalls the supposed use of quilts sewn in specific patterns as signposts for slaves escaping along the Underground Railroad. He employs a complex system of imagery, including star maps, dance notations, and a Buddhist lotus composed of a slave-ship diagram, alluding also to Harriet Tubman’s famous reading of the constellations to find routes north. Today is the last day to explore the legacy of lynching through artists like Biggers.