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Me and @earegula the year 2000 #tbt

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Just a couple of guys in a flower patch with real flowers behind their ear (no snap chat filter).
#kairebel #rosenstreichboys #pattonclan #rebel
Luckiest man alive. My baby cooked us a whole cow for my birthday. I love you!
And on today this wonderful woman that created and raised me was born! I could not ask for a better mother. She has supported everything I have ever set out do. In this picture 10 years ago I was presenting her with poem I wrote for her. And she has stood by me every step of the way whether it was poetry or now fatherhood and family life. Happy Birthday Mommie! You deserve it!
Happy Birthday to my sweet girl Amari. I can't believe you are 14 and in high school! Im so proud of the young lady you are starting to be.
Most of the friendships and brotherhood you see in this picture span 20+ years. All connected by growing up in Fayetteville Ga. It was an honor for all us to contribute to @therealshoehefner @tim_buck_two @kicks_filet #backtoschool event. I know we were able to help a lot of kids today.
Nisey and Kai took the coolest pic at ChuckECheeses had to share.
#kai #kairebel #rebel
Just like in this picture we rally behind this woman daily! And today I would like to say happy birthday to the love of my life! Everyone help me to wish this very special woman a happy birthday! #birthday #pattonclan #rosenstreichboys #kai #kairebel
Hi my name is Miggie and I build giant umbrellas for a living. I dont normally post pictures of my job. But myself and @mp3ality_ built and installed these on the roof of ponce city market today. Enjoy. #ibuildumbrellas #rebel
Not many kids in Kai's generation will be able to answer the question "what was the first album you owned"? He was so excited to get his cd signed by Uncle Twan. Kai is down with the #boomiverse #kai #kairebel #bigboi #pattonclan #rosenstreichboys #outkast
Screaming Happy Mother's Day to the two most AWESOME Women in the world! My own Mother who has been there every step of the way in my life. And the Mother of my children. Both of these women would sacrifice everything for there kids! I love you happy Mother's day!
Cannot describe to you how proud of my little brother I am. This guy just graduated college with honors! The world is all yours "lil man". Go and get it! #unc #universityofnortherncolorado #proud #college #rosenstreichboys #kairebel
Amari wanted to make sure my "man bun" was nice and pretty before I went out driving UBER tonight.
#missionaccomplished #pretty #uberdriver #uber #bigtipsherewecome #rebel #revolutionroad
Might be blurry but I was still there! Two TWD finales in a row. #teamnegan #savior #twd #whereswaldo
This is how Nisey checks on me when she knows I am at work by myself using power tools.. 😄😄💟💟
We MADE IT TO MONSTER JAM. This is all Kai has asked for ever since he could talk. Bittersweet that it is Nisey and Kai's 1st time at the dome,and it is the last event to ever be here. #gravedigger #georgiadome #atlanta #kairebel #kai #rebel #rebellove #monsterjam
We found #eltoroloco and yes Kai keeps a #gravedigger #maxd and #eltoroloco on him all the time. Just for times like this. #kairebel #rebel #revolutionroad
When I was four years old my Mom and I sat in a line at a mall in Maine Just so I could meet Leonardo from the ninja turtles. This is a memory I still have. It is an amazing feeling as a parent to see that same joy on my son's face. He has been into monster trucks since before he could talk. #fatherhoodrocks #kairebel #rebel #revolutionroad