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8 month pup-date of my best pal Ruby.
24 and still learning new tricks 🤹🏻‍♂️👴📹: @fischeydee
Just some September throwaway garbage 🤢
a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.
Unbreakable bond 🤝

Thanks to my sweet girl for taking a nice photo of me and rubes 📸 @bayleymurray
My review of "The Flare" by @lakailtd
The Good🤙🏼 1. New am's @simonbannerot and @ooomanchildooo fucking kill it.

2. @rileyhawk had the best video part of 2017 so far I would say, like he shut the video down so hard out of no where.

3. Rick Howard and mike Carroll clips are the best .

4. All around great skate video that proves that can still make solid vids with out ty Evans.

The Bad👎🏻 1. Video was kind of all over the place for a full length. One min you see a clips from Vincent alverez in what I had to assume was Jesus Fernandez part then next Vincent has a part so that was odd.

2. No intro or names at the beginning of any parts. I may be jaded I'll admit but I just like know who I'm watching especially with so many up and coming dudes right now.

Over all I'd give the video an 8.5/10

#skateboarding #lakai #skateboardingisfun
Danny displaying how to properly preform a backside foot plant to fakie (never knew the proper name of this trick)
I'll stop posting about my dog so much soon but for now she just turned 17 weeks today! 🐕🤗
Best friends just cruisin while I get apartment supplies 👯
Blurry action shot of our brisk roll yesterday