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Next Delilah block. Four patch star. First of four. #crftdelilahq
Over 90 prints for my #libertyquiltswap2017 some of the colors are off in these shots. I’ll add two linen fabrics for my block backgrounds possibly an Essex metallic. Chose pattern I’ll post separately.
I missed #saturdaynightcraftalong so here’s my #sundaysnail knitting. It’s one of the fade patterns. But instead of finding my fade it’s snail’s pace snail. Next winter....
Final orbit block for my Delilah quilt. Using all cotton and steel fabrics and handpieced using aurifil 50wt. #crftdelilahq
Another orbit block for my Delilah quilt. Using all cotton and steel fabrics and handpieced. #crftdelilahq
- not my work - Some ideas for #libertyquiltswap2017 by @shoppershaz_swaphost tags on photos. I love the vibrant prints as shown in the last two slides and also the block suggestions by the swap host. I look forward to seeing what’s created. Also love to be able to use the mini as a cushion. #swapteamMitsi
That’s 40 #wordplayfabric apples for @sfielke you’ll see these soon enough with some big ass quilt market.
Interested in a commission for your store or new fabric line? Drop me a pm.
Another orbit block. #crftdelilahq all cotton and steel fabrics. Hand pieced.
Day off means working on my #sarahfielkebom2017 swipe through to see this guy come together. 12 houses down 28 to go.
My final fairhaven block. Glad to see the backend of these slippery little suckers. #crftdelilahq
Swipe through 🍎 I made a thing. Man the pattern was challenging 🍎I had to google some instructions with photos 🍎 It's a super pattern just could do with photos to help 🍎 Outer fabric is @mypapercrane from @spoonflower inner prints are all #minimui 🍎 I used felt for my handles as I just found it easier and could hand sew them to attach to the zipper ends and bag.
Delilah bom. One more to go. #crftdelilahq handpiecing all with cotton and steel prints.
Delilah quilt. Two more of these guys to do. #crftdelilahq
5 houses down 35 to go. Loving this Bom
Another Delilah quilt block. All @cottonandsteel fabrics. Handpieced