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all flowers need some darkness to bloom
the universal eyes of humanity discovering the infinite. profound instruments of enlightenment in the most grand sacred space, Mauna Kea. congratulations to the soon to be built #thirtymetertelescope for establishing it's right to exist so that all of mankind can have even greater perspective of our place in the universe... and to hopefully know if life exists elsewhere. may these tools of wonder and this spiritual place bring us many treasures of knowledge 🙏🏻 #imuatmt
be brave. and try to be wise. but, even if you can't be wise, still be brave.
surviving the things that have degraded us is not a one time thing. maintaining dignity through traumas and rejection is a weight heavier on some than others. we are only truly seen when our suffering and and our hope is known.
mood. ALSO sculpture goals... so minimal and serene 😭 (last pic by random) #annetruitt
the most beautiful trees in Kaneohe. I recently heard they've started to clear them out to restore the historic Hawaiian fish pond they shoulder. the destruction of one beautiful thing to save another.
the texture of this piece. so sharp yet so peaceful.... multifaceted. ✨ #robertsmithson
my girlfriend @heyadele made this really awesome tour that describes the history of Kakaako through projections and actor portrayals. Tonight is the last night to check it out. I highly recommend it! TBH it might be too late to register but I have a feeling if you show up at 449 cook street at 730 or 9 and follow the big group of people no one will know the difference - you didn't hear it from me 😘