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chase_f 274w ago
Goddamn, I have a good life.

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The sun doesn’t rise or set. We orbit around it, and it orbits around some other shit. #science #prespective
Nice little weekend getaway at Lake Tahoe.
chase_f 14w ago
We surrounded ourselves with friends and served Mexican food for this 4th Of July as lil reminder that we're all better together.
chase_f 24w ago
Good day for a beach day.
chase_f 32w ago
You spin me right round the solar system.
chase_f 37w ago
I try not to go to the tourist traps, which are everywhere in Nassau. On this trip, we found ourselves in this old bunker, hiding from the rain we thought would never come.
chase_f 40w ago
Vet status on my #CES2017 badge this year. Time flies when you're slowly dying inside. (I kid, thankful to be here again)
chase_f 41w ago
Disco lights and good friends all over last night, and just this one picture to show of it. But ain't it a cute one? #newyears
chase_f 46w ago
It was fun exploring all of #Paris, especially those Catacombs. But the real fun was seeing the with this goof.
chase_f 47w ago
I doubt I'll see any Northern Lights tonight but this snow is a beautiful substitute. #reykjavik #iceland 🇮🇸
chase_f 49w ago
Racism didn't end in the last 8 years, equality wasn't found with the right the marry, and after today that glass ceiling still won't be broken. But every day we make decisions to move in the right direction. #wearwhite #ImWithHer