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  Posted: Jul 11, 2012 6:55 PM FEED
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Posted: Oct 10, 2017 2:42 PM
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Little late to the gram but here’s to those blurry nights and the birthdays we celebrate until we’re all dead. Tbh I don’t remember the whole night from geneseo but it was lit y’all. #bestfriend #birthdaybender #birthdayweekend #preschoolbffs
Appreciate our goofy ass faces, we were feelin great. #coworkers but also #bffs
Y'all don't understand how excited I am to see my boo this weekend😍💕👸🏼🤴🏿👯🍾 #summer17 #buffalo #bae #bestfriend
Sean:I'm going to get multiple angles. Me: omfg no that's not my good angle. Tori:what the fuck kass*smiles like she wants to fight me* Megan & Christine: laughing because we're literally taking a photo session half an hour past this closing time Liz: sits there smiling like a normal person thinking about how bed sounds like the best option right now. Just an actual day in the life of all of us. 😍😂 #rochester #summer17 #bestfriends #perfect
chef Kass decorating some bangin cakes for the case. Decorating is hard when you have freedom. Damn #summer17 #fallsemester #sunygeneseo #casgeneseo #letchworthdininghall
Posted: Aug 15, 2017 1:45 AM
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Had the honor of making this beautiful wedding cake for @hakuna_makara on Saturday. I'm so happy and proud of how it turned out, it was a blast to make and more fun to show off! #summer17 #summerwedding #sunflower #weddingcake #kasscakes585
Posted: Jul 28, 2017 1:33 AM
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I feel like the last week has been a crazy whirlwind. I finally get to start doing commercial bakery training,and I got a full time job that I start in two weeks. I remember wanting to do cookies all the time, I practically begged to do them. I'm just feeling very emotional about taking a bit of a step back from wegmans, and stepping into my new role at geneseo college. everyone keeps asking if I'm quitting wegmans or if I'm leaving but I could never, I love wegmans. I'm still 100% about this company and hope to grow into a leadership role someday soon. For now I just have to get my life in order, so I can come back with 100% focus and kick some butt. Thanks Wegmans, you've made me an incredible employee and person. Can't wait to move to Maryland and grow with you someday soon💕😍😘 #bakery #wegmans #rochester #summer17 #cookiecups #peanutbutter