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"And I don't think on why I'm here where it hurts
I'm just lucky to have the work
And every night I dream I'm drowning in the dirt
But I thank God for the work"
Jason Isbell - Something More Than Free
"I'm way out of tune, turned up to eleven"
Beach Slang - Noisy Heaven
"I've been crawling circles in my skin
Leaving trails to where I've been
I'm still following."
Movements - Kept
"If it's all the same, it's time to confront this face to face
I'll be with you the whole way. It'll take time, that's fact
I'm not just another face,
I'm not just another name
Even if you can't see it now, we're proud of what's to come, and you."
Modern Baseball - Just Another Face
"It's not hard to fall for a waitress
When you both smoke
Smoke the same cigarettes"
The Menzingers - Gates
"Keep my options open
For fear of becoming housebroken."
The Hotelier - Housebroken
"I called to say hello
My timing isn't always the greatest
I hear you in the back of my mind
'You've got to get it together.'"
Young and Heartless - Noisecreep
"I ditched you Saturday night
Cause I want you to know
Take a photograph
It's going to last longer
I feel so temporary
Like some viceroy
Asshole maybe"
Violent Soho - Viceroy
"An aching brain
Doesn't process things the same
At 30, muscles fade, in 20 years how you have changed
An aching brain
Doesn't focus quite the same
As 30 minutes fade into 20 years, how could I change?"
Into It. Over It. - No EQ
"Cigarettes, whiskey, and wine
Are gonna put me in the ground.
You gotta have time to make time
in this goddamn town."
Susto - Cigarettes, Whiskey & Wine
"I'll never let you feel done, you'll always be haunted.
I will keep you fighting
It's not what I wanted"
Spraynard - Applebee's Bar
Glad to be back home, glad the crummy weather waited until I got back here.
"So bum me a cigarette,
Buy me a beer,
'Til I'm happy to be here,
Happy to be here"
Noah Gundersen - Family
"I got too far from my raising, I forgot where I come from
And the line between right and wrong was so fine
Well I thought the highway loved me
But she beat me like a drum
My day will come, if it takes a lifetime"
Jason Isbell - If It Takes A Lifetime
I will be seeing him and hopefully his wife in Roanoke in November with @vbbk and I'm stoked. It could very well be a life changer, this guy is the truth. @jasonisbell & @amandapearlshires
"All I found was myself
Lost in time I tried
Singing my songs
But I lost my mind."
Hop Along - Horseshoe Crabs
Going to see these guys tomorrow and I'm pretty stoked.. Preordered the day they went up! Oh, some band called Modest Mouse is headlining... I'm sure they're good too😉
Edit: Frances Quinlan's voice is unlike any I've heard in recent memory. Seriously give her a chance!
"I think I'm growing into someone you could trust.
I want to shoulder the weight until my back breaks,
I want to run until my lungs give up.
If I could manage not to fuck this up.
If I could manage not to fuck this up.
I think enough is enough." .
The Wonder Years - I Don't Like Who I Was Then
"Bright beginnings often fade,
Precious few can keep the flame."
"It's about who you love,
it's about who you tell,"