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Happiest bday my love! 🐰Happy to have you in my life! @xslvx ❤️🌸🎈
And thx @oclives 😁
This is everything!! It breaks my heart to hear - Cancer is back - but seeing those two beautiful souls sharing their meals! 😭😍 She cooks dinner for him every day and takes it to the hospital! Todays menu: Gado Gado ❤️
Beeing sick at home and can't be with them sucks so hard! But my twin @tnk2510 will take care of those 2 dumplings THANK YOU! 👯💞
Good f🍳ckin' morning!
When you are able to see your egg is ready but can't smell your bread is totally gone... sick at home 😷+ bad news - not a good combo at all
I found this photo today
7 years ago • hometown • the Dorf. One year after that pic I moved to Berlin...Best decision! 🙆😌
Lil' vintage pins from the big 🍎
Thx @xslvx 😘 cucumber & cats she knows me very well 😂
My italian farfalla is back from NYC!
Happy to have you back home ❤️roomie love🌸
The lunch break situation
Banh mi & sun 🌞Happy gal! 🙆
Funny coincidence... Party over! Nachti 😂😴
Come and check out @palmstudioberlin if you are interested in organic oils, creams & shampoos! My friend @marchilala is happy to help and tell you everything about it in store ! 💚🌴🌿🌱
Bday of @n_mizuki0912 & Shuhei 🎈🍷🎂
Lil' JP in Berlinsky 🇯🇵🇩🇪✨